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GLA units & Structure index

Command Center
The GLA Command Center is similar to the USA and Chinese equivalents as it builds worker units and gives you access to your Generals points. The differences are you do not get radar here and its not the only place you can train workers from.

The GLA Barracks is a small building with very little health. This is where you get many important units though and it also unlocks tunnels and stingers. You will need a barracks in almost every match up as most build orders involve one.

Supply Center
The primary resource drop of point for the GLA. It can create workers that can build buildings, the same as the workers from the Command Center, so this makes it that extra bit useful. Five or six workers at one supply is usually enough for a stable income

Arms Dealer
This is the GLA equivalent of the USA or Chinese war factory. It produces a host of light armored and heavy armored vehicles as well as some special units that are very unique. You will need a Arms dealer in every game, (sometimes even two) as the GLA relies heavily on vehicles.

This building is an important tech structure with many important upgrades and it unlocks a number of very useful units. However, it is also a very strong defensive building with lots of armor, and the ability to be garrisoned by five units makes it very effective at stopping large groups of armor.

Black Market
The black market is where the GLA faction gets its income from in the late game. You need a palace before you can build one. It is also a structure that has many important upgrades, such as more ammunition for your rocket buggies and armor piercing bullets.

SCUD Storm
The GLA super weapon is the most powerful super weapon in the game. It fires off several SCUD missiles, each doing a huge amount of explosive and toxic damage to structures and units alike.

Tunnel Network
The is one of the GLA's most important structures as it is used to defend, but also to attack. Placing several Tunnel Networks around the map is a great way to gain map control, and they can also act as a platform for you to launch your attacks.

Stinger Site
The Stinger Site is a rocket based defensive structure. Its primary role is to take down aircraft, though it can be effective against ground targets as well. Its pretty expensive and has a long build time so its really only useful against China or USA's air forces.

Demo Trap
A stealth building that can be lethal if used properly. It can be set off by enemy units or by remote control. It is able to take out most units and in a pretty large radius. It is best used to block off entrances to your base.

The Worker is the GLA construction unit. Its very cheap, and having plenty of them always helps as they can also collect supplies. As well as constructing buildings and clearing mines its a good idea to use them as part of your attack force and build tunnels in areas you have secured.

This is the basic infantry unit for the GLA forces. It has only one attack and low armor, but in later stages of the game, it can be upgraded to become a stealth unit making it useful in some situations. It is s best to use them it to capture oils and enemy structures.

This unit is good for using with the Technical and can be used to destroy important enemy buildings, such as War Factories, Airfields or Tech Centres. It can also enter civilian cars and use them as car bombs which are very fast and effective for hunting Dozers or running over workers.

RPG Trooper
The RPG Trooper is a missile based infantry unit that is very effective against armour and air units. Its best when combined with Technicals and used to harass your opponents Dozers or supply trucks. It can also be garrisoned in civilian buildings and the palace.

Jarmen Kell
Jarmen Kell is the GLA hero unit who is armed with a high powered sniper rifle. He is stealthed at all times except when attacking. He also has the ability to snipe enemy pilots in vehicles to make the vehicle vulnerable to capture.

The Hijacker is a unit that is stealthed when not moving and can steal enemy vehicles. He can be unlocked through the command points system, but because of his fairly limited tactical use, he is not used very often.

Angry Mob

The Angry Mob is a very powerful unit that can deal a lot of damage against infantry, buildings, and armor. They can also be upgraded with AK-47's to deal even more damage, though they have very low health and are easily stopped by anti infantry units or from the air.

The Technical is one of the GLA's most used units. It is very fast and can carry units. Its main use is for dropping off RPGs/workers and terrorists across the map to harass the enemy. You will need Technicals in every match up, and remember to upgrade them with scraps from destroyed vehicles to gain more use out of them.

Toxin Tractor
The Toxin Tractor is effective against infantry and has the ability to spray large areas of the ground and air with deadly toxins that with kill any infantry in the area. It can also clear out enemy garrisons and is also very useful at stopping Technical/Terrorist combinations.

Scorpion Tank
The GLA main battle tank is armed with a small rocket that can carry toxins, and can do a huge amount of damage to infantry, buildings and armor. It is useful against most enemy units, but its weak armour makes it a sitting duck for air units and larger tanks.

SCUD launcher
The SCUD launcher is a very effective unit for long ranged attacks and it does a huge amount of damage, with the ability to switch warheads to be more effective against infantry or armour. It is best used to fight off large groups of units or for assaulting enemy defenses.

Radar Van
This provides radar for the GLA player and also can run over infantry, and detect stealth units. It is always a good idea to use this unit as it can be very effective against hero units, and when upgraded, it can scan for enemy positions.

Quad Cannon
The Quad Cannon is the GLA's most used anti air unit. It has weak armour and its attack is not the best, making it pretty vulnerable, but in large groups it can be effective against enemy air units. When it has the armour piercing bullet upgrade, it deals more damage making it much more effective.

Marauder Tank
The Marauder tank is a heavy armoured unit that has a potent attack. It can be upgraded from scraps of destroyed vehicles, and is unlocked by the command point system, and constructed at the arms dealer.It is best used when mixed in with Scorpion Tanks to gain any real benefit: in a one on one situation vs another tank, it is at a disadvantage as its turret can not turn.

Rocket Buggy
The Rocket Buggy is mostly used against the USA or in GLA mirrors. It has a long attack range and is one of the fastest units in the game, making it perfect for hit and run assaults. They are expensive and have little armour so be careful with them: you do not want to lose too many of them.

Bomb Truck
One of the GLA's most potent weapons, it has the ability to arm itself with explosive and toxic weapons, making it effective against pretty much everything. It can also be disguised as an enemy vehicle, and is at its most effective when disguised as a battle drone or spy drone.