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GLA's Tunnel Network - Range of Sight

By -Chemical- - 16th November 2010 - 15:16 PM

The art of war is a mysterious and complicated beast. During a recent meeting, the ancient generals discussed tips and tricks to assist the common player. Today we are proud to share one of their secrets, that has been handed down for a thousand generations.

The Global Liberation Army's tunnel network is without a doubt their key structure. The tunnel by itself a very weak defensive structure against vehicles and additionally has a very small range of sight. This tip, will teach you how to increase the sight range of a tunnel. Immediately after your tunnel is finished building, two RPG soldiers appear. Most of the time these RPGs will be picked up by a technical or sent away to garrison buildings. When the RPGs move far away from the tunnel, the tunnel's range of sight decreases dramatically. To increase the sight range of the tunnel, simply have ONE of the RPGs enter the tunnel. This is very important for good early game map awareness and can give you extra time to intercept incoming enemy units such as flame tanks and technicals.

- Tunnel with two RPG's in front of it -

- Tunnel with two RPG's in it -

- Tunnel with no units it -

- The change at a glance -

Sounds great right? Well, there is a catch. The increased range of sight will only occur for the tunnel the RPG entered (tunnel 1). If you evacuate the RPG out of a 2nd tunnel the range of sight will increase for tunnel 2 BUT decrease for tunnel 1. Since one single tunnel is not very useful, it is likely that you will build more tunnels and therefore also have more RPG's. You can evacuate and enter one RPG per tunnel. This is almost certainly worth the effort for 2-3 tunnel networks, as your map awareness will improve dramatically, and give you an advantge over your enemy.

IPB Image

2 RPG's in the Tunnel Network but only top Tunnel with increased range of sight

IPB Image

Bottom Tunnel with increased range of sight after evacuating and re-entering 1 of the 2 RPG's

This works for every unit
It is most useful with RPG's. You can do it e.g. with Radar Vans as well, but remember that your radar disappears as soon as the Radar Van enters the tunnel network.

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