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USA vs China: A complication of build orders.

By Diploid - 22nd June 2007 - 14:21 PM

I am going to preface this by saying that the build orders listed here are the ones I have found to be most effective against the corresponding China build orders. They are not the only way to beat China, and I have beaten just about every China Build Order with every USA one. But if I were told ahead of time what build order China would use, these would be my choices to counter it.

1.) The first and most common China vs USA strategy is dual supplies war factory and barracks.

IPB Image

China will generally build Red Guards with capture upgrade, and two TH to defend against a drop. This can be a difficult build order to beat since it is effective against any USA strategy. The strengths of this Build Order are its ability to stop a drop of any kind, and if China gets both oils using this Build Order they have the money to control mid and eventually out spam you. Its weaknesses are that it relies on money and doesnít pressure USA too hard at the start. This build order is designed for out spamming USA, and if China doesnít get the oils to either tech up or take mid, they canít win.

The best way to defeat this is two supplies War factory & barracks.

IPB Image

I prefer to build my barracks on the supply flank and use that dozer to take out any Red Guards going for that oil while sending MDs to mid. A humvee will cover the other side. Next send Paladins to kill the oils, and later flank China if you so choose.

From here on out itís up to you, but itís a must that you take the middle. When to tech up, how aggressive or campy you want to be, when to build CC, and how you choose to fight China is entirely up to you. But until this point your goals are securing mid and killing the oils. Hers a replay that shows it well:


2.) Another common China Build Order is dual supplies, war factory, barracks, like before, but without the oil grab.

IPB Image

The strengths of this Build Order are its ability to stop a drop, and the pressure it puts on USA very quickly. Its weaknesses are that it ignores the oils. You have two main choices for fighting this Build Order.

So obviously youíre going to take the oils, they will give you more cash than China and USA should never lose with more money. Your first choice is a patriot drop oil grab.

IPB Image

Your build order is the usual: 1st dozer power, 2nd dozer barracks, sell Command Centre, first dozer supply, queue two Chinooks, from the barracks make two Missile Defenders, two rangers + capture upgrade, load your Chinook and drop it. Rangers run to oils.

This is somewhat risky since China has a barracks in its base and Tank Hunters coming out from the start. The benefit to this, assuming you donít finish your patriot, is that it slows the Gattling Tank Hunter rush down and gives you time to spam Missile Defenders and Rangers to fight it. If you land the patriot successfully you win, since China will never be able to out spam you off of 1 supply. However, you will be short 1 dozer and possibly your nook. If China sees this they may adapt their Build Order to stop you from getting the oils, but if they do that youíve successfully slowed the Gattling Tank hunter combination down, and thatís all you wanted to do.

Your other choice is dropping two missile defenders and going oil grab, dual barracks 1 supply 3 Chinooks, and with the dozer you wouldíve dropped build a barracks on the flank. This build order works the same as the one I listed above, except you will go for flash bangs immediately since you arenít building a patriot.

War factory / barracks is also effective. If you donít see any Red Guards coming for the oils with your first humvee, send it all the way down the flank to divert China from attacking and harass their supplies. Hereís a replay:


3.) Forwards War factory / barracks.

IPB Image

This is very similar to the one listed above, except that it leaves their supplies totally undefended. However, its strengths are mainly that it can overrun you very quickly, and puts hard pressure on you from the start.

To counter this I suggest the second build order I named in #2.

IPB Image

Your Missile Defender drop will arrive around the time a China dozer will get to their secondary supply. This is your first target and right off the bat China is down to one supply. Your next target is their supply trucks at primary. Laser lock these separately and from as far away as possible. This way they will both die if they try and run you over. Now China has the choice of still going for its all-out rush, or sending a gattling back to fight your missile defenders. Be ready for this gattling and if you time it right you can kill it with those Missile Defenders. This should give you enough time to stop the Gattling Tank Hunter combination coming for your base. You may have a problem if they send Red Guards first, but run them over with a dozer. Spam Missile Defenders from the barracks in your base and just wait for Gattling to come.

With the dozer that built the flank barracks go up the flank to Chinaís secondary supply. The purpose of this is to build a patriot if they rebuild back here after killing your Missile Defenders, or base swap if they over run you. Hereís a replay:


4.) 3 supplies.

IPB Image

This looks like a China vs. GLA Build Order, but itís really pretty effective against USA. China will send its second dozer to mid and build a supply then War factory and barracks at mid. The strengths of this Build Order are its ability to control the middle immediately, and give China a strong cash basis to do what China does best, out spam the enemy. Its weaknesses are that it starts without cash to spam from the moment its War factory gets up, and it leaves its back supplies totally undefended.

I suggest Patriot drop middle War factory Build Order to beat this.

IPB Image

Drop the patriot on their primary supply, and if you can in range of their reactor. Once the supply trucks are dead or chased off start knocking their reactor down. From your middle war factory your first unit should be a humvee, and send it directly to their secondary supply. On the way knock down any Tank Hunters or Red Guards that might be headed for your base. Now you have cut off Chinaís back supplies, and they are running off of only one. Spam Paladins at this and try and hunt supply trucks. Upgrade quickly to a barracks and try to garrison MDs in buildings that can stop China from using its War factory and middle supply effectively. Remember, the strength of this China build order is its ability to provide a lot of cash for spamming. To stop it you must cut off their cash flow as soon as possible. Hereís a replay:


5.) Flank War factory.

IPB Image

I hate this almost as much as I hate Migs on a Dozer. This build order involves a war factory and barracks at the top of your flank and immediate pressure from the start. More often than not China will disable your secondary supply just from having gats in the area. The strengths of this build order are that it takes you by surprise 90% of the time and it will quickly cut you down to a single supply. Its weaknesses are that it leaves its base undefended and it isolates its ability to attack down to a single flank.

You have a plethora of choices to beat this. I suggest first and foremost if you have any suspicion that your opponent might use this build order scout the area with a Chinook from your secondary supply, or if you are dropping then scout with the nook you are dropping with. If you choose to drop, kill the dozer building the War factory. If you are too slow then garrison the Missile Defenders in the bunker on the corner. Drop the dozer and start building a patriot in front of the war factory. Keep in mind China will adapt to a war factory and barracks in their main base, but this will have set them so far back that you should have no trouble taking mid and oils.

Only ever saw Apostle do it like this, but it worked well:


The other choice is Dual Supply War Factory barracks.

IPB Image

If you notice them going flank make your first unit a paladin and drop it if you want, or just drive over. Your goal now is to stop your opponent from getting a barracks up on the flank. If you can do this a paladin/Missile Defender spam will be > than his War Factory. Hereís a replay:


6.) Dual War Factories.

IPB Image

This is a relatively common but risky China vs. USA strategy. Chinaís goal with this strategy is to displace and if possible, kill your Chinooks. They will spam gattling hard and try to get you to move your Chinooks into another gattling. Even if you manage to hide your Chinooks, they will keep you off your supplies for long enough for China to out collect you. The weakness of this strategy is that it does not defend well against a drop. It strengths are surprise and literally being able to cover the majority of the map against Chinooks.

You can drop of course. Any drop involving a dozer is good, Patriot Middle War factory, or the usual Patriot/ Missile Defender. You want to kill their supply trucks, and if possible their dozers, as in Vedzz vs. SpaceElite. A drop onto Dual War factory is usually good for the win, just remember to prevent them from getting a quick 3rd supply up in mid to replace the one they lost, and remember that theyíll usually be able to flank at least one gattling, so watch your Chinooks. Hereís a replay:


Another viable choice is War factory/ barracks, two supplies. If you are going to use this build order I suggest checking Chinaís base for the dual War factory strategy. You can normally notice a large indent where the second war factory would go, near their secondary supply. Or just Box trick the area. Once you know that they are going Dual War factory build only Paladins. You have to camp and keep their gattling out to beat them. You need to cover your flanks and the insides of your base so they cant sneak gattling in at you around the edge of the middle. Hereís a replay:


7.) Early Air Field Dozer Hunt.

IPB Image

I really hate this build order, its campy and abusive, but extremely effective. Its strengths are that it will remove your dozers quickly, and then camp while Migs and lotus finish you off. Its weaknesses are that it is not very aggressive at the start, and if China chooses an airfield before a barracks then they are undefended against a drop.

The best choice is to drop if they go for an airfield first. Pat drop Middle war works beautifully against a China without a barracks. If you donít do this and lose one dozer to Migs, quickly hide the second dozer in a nook and try and get it in a position that is difficult for China to see and target. If you are playing an opponent that you think will use this build order, always go for a war factory first. Kill off the oils and fight for middle, and suddenly you are facing a China without a lot of money or map control, and you can manoeuvre your way into killing them. The first replay shows how to beat Air Field first; the second shows how to beat Migs On a Dozer China going barracks first:


8.) The Quasis strategy.

IPB Image

For clarity purpose I decided on this name, while it is in reality a flank strategy. The China player will build his war factory at the Bottom of his flank, the flank without the secondary supply. He will advance up the flank with a dozer gattling and troop crawlers, building barracks and spamming Tank Hunters as he goes. The strength of this build order is that you donít have the security of the Middle to fight from, and it can be rather unexpected. Its weaknesses are that it limits itself to fighting from one side, and leaves its base rather exposed.

War factory / barracks is usually good for beating this. If you go for a barracks at mid on the flank itíll give you some warning when this is coming. You can beat this by taking out Chinaís supplies with a missile defenders in a humvee and paladin, while concentrating most of your efforts towards fighting that flank attack. Its important to remember that this comes to a grinding halt without its supplies, as it leaves them somewhat defenceless. Here's a replay:


John87 wishes good luck and enjoy your game.
Written by John87