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CNC Generals Strategies

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Gameplay Tip

Llama's Tip For Viewing Replays

Monday, 23 May 2011
Zooming and ReplaysI don't watch a lot of replays, but when I do watch them, I want to get the most out of them. Here is a little trick to improve your replay watching experience: zooming out as far as you want legally!First off, go to a high point of the map and zoom as far as you can;Now,...
Gameplay Tip

Command and Conquer Generals Tech/Demo Tactic

Wednesday, 30 Mar 2011
Brothers, This tactic I like to use against rival GLA warlords and the USA oppressors, it involves using a technical to transport a worker around the map and build demo traps in the early stages of the game.A technical and worker prepare for the mission ahead.Then first thing you do is pick your...
Gameplay Tip

GLA's Tunnel Network - Range of Sight

Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010
The art of war is a mysterious and complicated beast. During a recent meeting, the ancient generals discussed tips and tricks to assist the common player. Today we are proud to share one of their secrets, that has been handed down for a thousand generations.The Global Liberation Army's tunnel...
Strategy Guide

Attack Move vs Guard Mode vs Manual Attack Guide

Saturday, 26 Jun 2010
There are many factors that can influence the outcome of a battle; army size, unit composition, micro, formations and even the way 'how' you attack. With 'how' I mean the type of attack just like attacking units one by one manually, using attack move or guard mode. You will be suprised what...
Gameplay Tip

Unit Disabling

Wednesday, 26 May 2010
Welcome Generals to another Tip of the Week!We all know that we can disable enemy vehicles with our sexiest unit called Black Lotus! Today we show you how to disable a Gatling which is on guard mode or an Overlord with a gatling cannon. What do you need to do? Give Black Lotus the order to...
Strategy Guide

CNC Generals Formations and Battle Tactics

Tuesday, 11 May 2010
Generals, attention! Today you will be introduced into the finest art of warfare. If you have internalized this knowledge it is exactly what is missing to become a really great General! Let's start with our own little definition of formations and battletactics relating Command and Conquer...
Gameplay Tip

CNC Generals Moving Units Backwards

Tuesday, 13 Apr 2010
Welcome Generals to a new Tip of the Week. Today we want to have a closer look at a useful micro management aspect. Every army has specific units that can move backwards without turning around, this can save you precious time and money in certain situations during the fight. Units with reverse...
Strategy Guide

CNC Generals Map Overview: Alpine Assault

Wednesday, 24 Mar 2010
Alpine Assault, one of the more played Generals maps; it has fairly good balance and lots of possibilities for innovative strategies and I have seen some very unique build orders here. This is the map, as you can see I have marked the two starting points and also the location of supply's and...
Gameplay Tip

CCG's Rocket Infantry Part III - China's TH's

Sunday, 28 Feb 2010
Welcome Generals to the final part III of a series of TotW's about CCG's rocket infantrymen. The last weeks you could read something about the importance of GLA's RPG's and USA's MD's. This week we will have a closer look at China's Tankhunters, written by ^Zayron- and -DeadClovvN`-!This is...
Gameplay Tip

Expert Building Evacuation!

Thursday, 4 Feb 2010
Hello Generals. Welcome to our newest tip of the week....Evacuation for Experts!! In many match ups the buildings in the middle of Tournament Desert are crucial. While seizing an empty building is easy, evacuation can be troublesome. It is always hard to predict in which direction your guys will...