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Strategy Guide

China vs GLA on Tournament Desert

Friday, 13 Mar 2009
This strategy vs GLA gives the China player a chance of losing no buildings to Technicals with Terrorists in the early game. It gives total mapcontrol to the China player and will for the most of the time also give you the oils. To follow my instructions I have made a sketch of the map with some...
Strategy Guide

USA vs USA Video-Guide for Tournament Desert

Saturday, 28 Feb 2009
We're proud to announce a new kind of Guide: The Video-Guide! Currently developped by our Strategy Specialist Skynny, we're planning to have some more of those guides in the near future. Fortunately, YouTube offers a very useful feature which allows to add texts while playing the video. Watch out...
Gameplay Tip

Queue Dozers and Workers

Thursday, 26 Feb 2009
Welcome to this week's Tip of the Week! -Yoshi- prepared a little tip which explains some procedures you can initiate as soon as you're on the loading screen - in case your a lazy or forgetful gamer! ;) Enjoy! Dozers and Workers!The beginning of each game is crucial! Have you ever wondered how...
Gameplay Tip

Dozer Harassment Against GLA

Thursday, 19 Feb 2009
Welcome to this week's Tip of the Week. GameReplays.org brings a tip to optimize your USA early gameplay towards GLA in 1v1s today! A cool video shall teach you the whole case a little better. Enjoy! Dropping dozers as USA in USA vs. GLA on Tournament Desert is a common tactic. You can destroy...
Gameplay Tip

Tidying Up Ruins

Thursday, 12 Feb 2009
Welcome to this week's Tip of the Week! The subject is called 'ruins'. We hope you enjoy it! Have you ever experienced that you were just about launch a very great and maybe final advance to crush your opponent, but then your units went wild, started to do weird things and ground to a halt while...
Gameplay Tip

Tactical Tunnel Attacking

Friday, 6 Feb 2009
Welcome to this week's Tip of the Week! This time we gonna focus on the probably most sneaky construction in Command and Conquer: Generals and how to beat it the most effective way! Enjoy!Tunnels are cool! They allow GLA players to transfer units from one side of the map to another in no time....
Strategy Guide

Timing of Overlords, Nukes and MiGs

Thursday, 5 Feb 2009
Welcome to a China guide about timing Overlords, Nukes and MiGs in China's middle and late game! Enjoy! Generally, the early game of China vs. China on Tournament Desert is understood well. Basically, there are three viable strategies: Dual Warfactory, Fast Tech, and Oil Grab. All other build...
Gameplay Tip

Detection of un- and garissoned Buildings

Thursday, 29 Jan 2009
Welcome to the Tip of the Week! Fortunately, this tip is supporting any faction, so this here is worth everyone's attention! Enjoy. Have you ever wondered if a civilian building or a bunker, which is under the Fog Of War, is garissoned or still empty?If so, there is a very easy way to find...
Gameplay Tip

Tactical Ambulance Rush

Thursday, 22 Jan 2009
Welcome to this week's Tip of the Week! Today, we're going to have a look at the best usage of the American unit 'Ambulance'. Who thought that this passive unit can be used as rush-unit very effective? Enjoy!Ambu Rush!"LOL, newb, rushing with ambos, I am not gla cake! Oh..." Last words from a...
Gameplay Tip

Strategic Mine Usage

Sunday, 11 Jan 2009
Let us analyze the most awesome upgrade (yes, it's also the only single one) china buildings have!Mines upgrade show how creative a china player, especially a bunker new one, can be. There are so many uses for mines.Now lets image you are playing an awesome China vs USA and the game has come to a...