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CNC Generals Strategies

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Gameplay Tip

GLA's Cash Bounty Upgrade Without Command Center

Friday, 26 Dec 2008
Welcome to a new Tip in the Christmas Week! For all non-GLA players this might be news! Enjoy it. GLA's Cash Bounty is one of the most effective upgrades in the game. In certain instances it can act as a stable supply of cash flow. Often times GLA players receive this upgrade, but cannot reap the...
Gameplay Tip

China's Strategic Bunker Usage

Thursday, 18 Dec 2008
Let's bunker! This Tip has been made for all of those lovely China-whores who like to bunker up in pro games!It's simple but you must do it quickly.This might shock you, but don't be scared: Bunkers kill Tunnels. Thanks to their larger range, Bunkers allow Tank Hunters to shoot to the Tunnels...
Gameplay Tip

GLA's Cheap Supply Harassment

Thursday, 11 Dec 2008
Welcome to a new Tip of the Week in the matter of GLA. In any GLA vs. GLA match the one who collects the most will and should win most of the time. A big part of this is denying your opponent's supply collecting in a quick and cost effective manner. Everyone knows how to tech-terror and everyone...
Strategy Guide

USA drops on Twilight Flame

Saturday, 6 Dec 2008
Welcome to the USA drops on Twilight Flame guide! This is our newest addition to the teamplay guides, we hope you enjoy it! Here we go. There are different kind of drops a USA player can do on Twilight Flame. A piece of advice: When you are playing a 3v3\4v4 game in which one of your...
Gameplay Tip

Fire Wall Guard Mode

Thursday, 6 Nov 2008
How many times you could have won a game if you didn't forget a dragon tank in the enemy base doing nothing? Well, from now on, it won't be a problem! It can keep attacking with its ability (Flame Wall) all the units\buildings in the Guard Mode's area!How to do it:1)Select the flamer, click...
Strategy Guide

China & USA Combination

Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008
This team strategy guide was done by Zayron and demonstrates how to play as usa/china in 2v2 games, its is very detailed and comes with some very helpful replays.Tactic #1:China's Build OrderAfter your power, take safe supply and main supply, building two War Factories, one on each side. Then you...
Strategy Guide

Defeating the Rax Drop

Friday, 17 Oct 2008
A popular strategy in USA mirrors is the rax drop, a strategy by which one player will drop a dozer and two MDs into the otherís base and construct a barracks. Their aim is to keep you busy long enough to capture the oils and gain the advantage economically. If possible, they will try to flood...
Gameplay Tip

Chinese Dozer Protection Vs GLA!

Monday, 13 Oct 2008
A big problem for most China players when they face GLA is being dozer hunted. However there are ways to protect them from attacks from Tech/RPG and those pesky terror cars.Depending on where you are spotted on the map Tournament desert (TD) you can use your buildings as protection! The first...
Gameplay Tip

USA vs GLA Top Spot Trick!

Thursday, 25 Sep 2008
Using the main supply and raised area of land on the top spot on Tournament Desert to box in your dozer and keep your war factory alive as USA against GLA tech/terrors! This tip is very easy to pull of but can have a big effect on the game, against GLA you often find you will lose the game if...
Gameplay Tip

USA Generals powers

Wednesday, 17 Sep 2008
The spy Drone is available from the start of the game and it is used for obviously spying on your enemy. Its mostly used in USA mirrors or Against GLA but really it can be used effectively in every match up to give you an advantage over your opponent so a very useful power. It can be upgraded at...