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UvG vs Krew

#1Erfan  Apr 29 2015, 14:39 PM -
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Was fun to play. Actionpacked the whole game
#2trve^viking  May 1 2015, 13:29 PM -
watched it, to me it looked like as if krew was waiting and wasting too much money at some points. upgrades and blackmarkets wouldve been helpful there imo.

to usa, if you have ur strat unprotectet and you can see tank attacks in time to switch on sd, set it on defense.

was close enough so i wub it.
#3krew  May 1 2015, 16:14 PM -
I knew he would rush middle with vee army, but forgot to make 2nd tunnel in mid. Had to improvise a base swap to stay in the game.
#4Diamond-  May 2 2015, 23:10 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
sooo ugly this tunneling lol... idk where you got this from. Turns the game into a huge campfest.

Well played by both players though. I just wonder what would happen if GLA did not have Anthrax in the end!
#5Osama-  May 6 2015, 07:21 AM -
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GG smile.gif
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