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[R] Naab vs Pwnz

#11-NaaB-  Apr 11 2007, 17:31 PM -
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Review would be nice ohmy.gif
#12-PeTe-  Apr 12 2007, 20:40 PM -
NaaB vs Pwnzz


I liked your unique strategy you used, you suprised me with a pat drop on the flank and then taking both oils. From here on, your micro was absolutely phenominal, your FB rangers and paladins used very nicely, mixed with some MD usage and then you took the right flank.
By this time, he had reformed and hit you very hard through the middle, it must have been very difficult as you had so many TH coming at you. Eventually, you got your pathfinders up and all his TH died. Your paladin and thomahawk usage was very good to fend off the last of his ovies, you were very lucky he didn't take your oils =/
Some very imprssive play though, I was very suprised smile.gif
  • Very nice early and late micro, making mincemeat of his Gat Th armies
  • Pathfinders saved your arse , nice usage!
  • Rebuilt well on the right flank, your last stronghold


Your build order totally failed in terms of Oil grabbing, when this happens, Don't let the USA get the oils!
Kill them or grab them. Your spam was good, a troop crawler or two could have been catastrophic for his infantry, your micro was a little off aswell, try to order your gats and your TH correctly. Only too often I see huge gatt th armies get wasted by a group of units that cost 1/4 of the price of yours.
Mabye tech up a little earlier and get some migs up.
I would have liked to have seen some migs earlier on, these could have owned his inf.
If you know where pathfinders are, run gats near where they are, pathfinders can be ran over!
  • Earlier migs
  • Kill his oils! They kept him in the game
  • Try to use micro to yoru advantage, Not his.

This was quite a decent game, but with some mistakes from Pwnzz. Still some nice usa play and nice china. GG.


#13VaDe  Apr 13 2007, 22:22 PM -
Replays: 47
Pwnzz lost this game much more than naab won it. Though very nice pla by naab. Still how do you let someone build up on your flank a whole new base. Pwnzz never destroyed the oils or cleared his flank no cc no migs. You can't run 3 rax +2 war off suppies+ oil good though you saw this and got a middle suppy up need to garrison and protect it much better though. Your mirco was horrible really at many points though . Naab excellant use of burton and adapting genreally. Still you should of harrssed him much earier you had chances too if you kill some suppy trucks thats means less ths+gattlings will be coming at you. Bad map awarness at times really lost many nooks because of that. 6.3~6.2 around there.
#14PwNzZ  Apr 15 2007, 12:40 PM -
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thx vade for ur comments i really should ofbuilded some migs and got 1 oil at least still a decent game maybe rotw i dont c much better replays this week tbh. happy.gif
#15BoWZeR  Apr 15 2007, 19:37 PM -
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Naab has a fine usa imo
#16-NaaB-  Sep 22 2010, 20:18 PM -
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Epic survival
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