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[R] Torque vs MilkShield Nov 24th 2007

#1BoWZeR  Nov 24 2007, 17:17 PM -
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Awesome game, ended with me having one scorpion left. Cool anthrax beta by me was very lucky biggrin.gif


Reviewed By Scotsman

[MilkShield] Usa Vs. [DiV]Torque-Gla

Overall Rating

Overall Game
A pretty decent usa vs gla but some poor choices made by both within the game.

[MilkShield] Usa

You went for both supplys war/rax and got pali upgrade.You droped first pali with a vee at his only supply at the time and managed to kill some workers but where mosty unsucsesfull as he had got both oils.You rebuilt your command center pretty quickly and then got a third supply up and an airfiled.You where on the backfoot hole game really but some nice use of burton really helped and also those snipers and tomas helped much in stopping his eco and letting you get more into the game.You again fell back and this time there was no way to return with no income or wf/cc/dozers you microed what units you had left as good as you can but he was able to get the better of you in the end.
    Points for improvement
  • Your LL was abit slow at times.
  • Work on your comanche micro,they are a very effective unit when used right.
  • Should have took out his oils alot sooner.


You went oil grab and took both oils very fast,then started building tunnels down the flanks and put pressure on him with tech/rpg/terror.You started to move into the middle and you built your second supply.You continued to spam tunnels everyware and then started using scorps,why i dont know probly the worst choice of units at this time since he was using pali/mds and comanche.You managed to get a hold in the middle and got a supply up,you soon had a second ad aswell and started to mix units better using quads/tox aswell.You should have won really having a large economic advantage and map control but you where to reserved letting him get back into it.Again you mustered up your units and managed to kill his cc and last dozers and units whith anthrax drop leaving him with just one pali witch you managed to kill and win the game.
    Points for improvement
  • Dont empty tunnels when they are under attack.
  • Use more tech/trror/rpg and late game more bomb trucks.
  • Was really bad dessision to use scorps.
  • Should have teched up much sooner.
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#2BoWZeR  Nov 26 2007, 13:18 PM -
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15 Downloads 0 comments =[
#3whatsupdoc?  Nov 27 2007, 07:55 AM -
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23 Downloads no comments biggrin.gif
#4Trixx  Nov 27 2007, 09:13 AM -
QUOTE(whatsupdoc? @ Nov 27 2007, 08:55 AM) *

23 Downloads no comments biggrin.gif

#5BoWZeR  Nov 27 2007, 21:21 PM -
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Hmm its a very good game COMMENTS NOW
#6THE_TURK  Nov 30 2007, 07:04 AM -
28downloads i watch later and comment if more downloaded.
#7sss  Nov 30 2007, 15:09 PM -
#8VirTuA`  Nov 30 2007, 19:45 PM -
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Ok game 5.5/10.
#9-supernoodle-  Nov 30 2007, 20:09 PM -
u ruined the no comments part :|
#10john87  Nov 30 2007, 22:11 PM -
Scorps in GvU . . . lol.
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