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[R] Trojan vs Ransoah Nov 19th 2007

#1BoWZeR  Nov 19 2007, 03:08 AM -
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Action packed. Not one dull moment. Brilliant micro.


Reviewed By Scotsman

Trojan Usa Vs Ransoah Usa

Overall Rating

Overall Game

Nice Usa mirror with plenty of action throught.

Ransoah Usa

You started this game by getting two supplys up fast and then your warfactory and your rax,you used your first vee and missle defender combo to harass him by sending it through the middle and where able to kill one of his dozers.You garrsioned the middle and made an attempt for the oils while defending from his attacks.You held out from some attacks with some nice LL usage and then got your strategy center up and got search and destroy activated.You caprured one oil and destroyed the other one and also you where now using tomahawks.You put good presure on his flanks and looked in control,so nice play using vee/mds/rangers and buron.You rebuilt your command center and then started to build supply drops.You got snipers and then gt some vee together and using them well managed to win the game.

Points for improvement

- Your burton usage was also very poor.
- You never expanded much,maybe should have took some of the middle supplys.

Trojan Usa

You also went for the same start as rans going for two supplys and your warfactory rax but you decided to flank your first vee/md's but failed to put him under any pressure.You started to send vee up both flanks but ever time you tried something he was there to stop you.You managed to get your strategy center up and activated search and destroy.Where starting to get put under pressure from his attacks but delt with them well and soon you where using tomahawks.You looked on the backfoot but where dealing with his attacks still and soon you had your command center up and then used a10 strike to take out his power plant.You got snipers but it was to late and you where unable to defend vs his latest attack.

Points for improvement

- Use of burton was pretty poor.
- Floated quite a bit.
- Need to try to damage his eco more.

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#2VanLightMyWay  Nov 19 2007, 16:46 PM -
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QUOTE(tact1c @ Nov 19 2007, 04:08 AM) *

Action packed. Not one dull moment. Brilliant micro.

[Caution: Flame-Danger happy.gif ]
I expected much more. I tryed hard but i could not find brilliant micro. If this is all u can do with usa, i beat u both in usa mirror. If nubs would hav posted it i would vote it 6/10, but u both are old school and so you have to give a better show. Cause of this i only giv 4/10.
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