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Freaking amazing 4v4 TF!!

#1krew  Jun 28 2011, 04:43 AM -
If this is not HoF worthy, then all hope is lost. There is more action and great team work in this 4v4 that i have ever seen, and very well may be the first 4v4 with such high level amazingness. Me and Justin even found this game to be one of the hardest team games to play.
#2Diamond-  Jun 28 2011, 05:23 AM -
Replays: 41 Game:
I absolutely agree here, it's even posted twice in the same time. I just rewatched it and I am surprised by the actual team skill that is shown from ALL (!!) 8 players. That's amazing.

If ever a 4v4 gets the chance for HoF, I'd say this one might indeed be worth it.
#3krew  Jun 28 2011, 05:39 AM -
dude if it gets shot down, im quitting GR. I have no idea in what ppls minds would be like if they say its not worth it. like you said, all 8 players worked together, and at the start, there was an incredible team usa drop that just crippled me as china, and me and justin had to fight for the one supply that i needed back, and though out the whole game there were so many turn arounds and team work with amazing micro, i dont know how ill think of GR if it gets shot down.

Justin and I were struggling sooooo bad, and sense i got dozer hunted, it made it a bit more balanced for you guys cus half way joeyson go killed.
#4Mystery`  Jun 28 2011, 09:20 AM -
by saying this is hof you set a quite high expectation to the community .. it's like avatar, i would have said it's a awesome film if all other people wouldnt have said so before i watched it ("omfg best film ever") .. but when i actaully watched it, it was more like a dissapointment because i have expected much more
hope i dont get dissapointed at this one tongue.gif
#5Diamond-  Jun 28 2011, 11:15 AM -
Replays: 41 Game:
you won't smile.gif

ok, I'm off for work now!
#6DesireN  Jun 28 2011, 14:06 PM -
chasing paladins with tech rpg in lag... fun

was rlly gg tho
#7Murder-  Jun 28 2011, 17:28 PM -
Will watch later on. SKILLFULL2 = teamplay pr0 happy.gif
#8krew  Jun 28 2011, 18:14 PM -
all 8 of us did team play pro. something very rarely seen. It was just uber, to bad the game MM before it was over, would have liked to see if ez and his m8 did some kind of a come back.
#9CDZNUTS  Jun 28 2011, 21:16 PM -
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Was very fun best game i ever played and boy was it tough lol.
#10-HaTeR-  Jun 28 2011, 21:36 PM -
I thought it was ok.
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