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Just a really awesome game

#51Diamond-  May 30 2013, 19:25 PM -
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Will you probably make a review of this replay, Chemical?

Or Gavin would you like to even cast this game? Would be really cool and fun to see! smile.gif
#52DesireN  May 31 2013, 03:20 AM -
Im sure it would be
#53Diamond-  Jun 29 2013, 12:36 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
I think there are still a few guys who missed that game - check it also out!
#54Joeyson  Jul 7 2013, 04:47 AM -
Replays: 16 Game:
Game was fun to watch! Pink had 5 uber palis toward the end and they were pretty much unkillable.
Nice base swaps and good micro from both sides!
Was pretty one-sided toward the end. Wubbed`!
#55Replaysystem  Jul 7 2013, 04:48 AM -

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#56Diamond-  Sep 28 2014, 05:07 AM -
Replays: 41 Game:
That game is just so sweet to watch, oh how I miss that 2v2 spamming. Good times there were! smile.gif
#57krew  Sep 2 2015, 10:13 AM -
I'm about to watch this with a new perspective. Personally the most controversial replays for me.
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