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[R]gla vs china

#1-SeX`iie  Aug 18 2014, 10:47 AM -
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was a close game
#2krew  Aug 19 2014, 20:13 PM -
even though you did not buy black napalm the entire game, this might be the best game of the month.
#3^RiNgO  Aug 21 2014, 03:16 AM -
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Great stuff
#4RaGe^  Aug 22 2014, 20:13 PM -
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nice game ^^

Should watch my game vs event|replays kinda similar, not as pro as you tho since i actually did buy napalm tongue.gif
#5meany  Aug 23 2014, 12:21 PM -
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I really liked the game, probably the best game of month, despite the fact you have not purchased fucking naplam whole game.
A strong good mig uses. I would give this game a strong 7.5/10
#6ScOtSmAn  Sep 6 2014, 09:24 AM -

sounds good I'll take a look and give it a little review
#7ScOtSmAn  Sep 6 2014, 10:50 AM -

IPB Image

Will this be a classic or another one for the recycle bin? [side]kickz takes on the challenger from ZH super|cool in this game as GLA vs China on tournament desert. The initial thoughts of the community point to a close and high quality game so we could be in for a treat, lets find out!

[side]kickz GLA

Good Start, clever initial expansions and harassment's.
Decisive attack early on to take out his Airfield giving you more time to build on your good start.
Solid early game with some good use of techs, just sometimes lacking in the final third.
Poor tech/terror micro, best to assume their is always mines and steer clear of them.
Take extra terror with you for destroying mines around Airfields etc.
Capture the oils sooner, you had the upgrade and rebel standing at the oil for some time before capturing it then almost lost them right away.
More tunnel on the flanks, pin him back and give him lots of targets as well as soaking up map control by building more tunnels further and further up the field of battle.
Tech up before you get a command center, palace is far to important and you should get it up ASAP!
Wasted so many scorpions on suicide missions, try to hit and run more and not give him so many gen points.
He had no MiG Armour, more quads would have made this game much easier especially if you had tech-ed up and gotten APB.
HUGE floats of 8k+ are never good especially when your income is so low.

IPB Image

Middle to late game you seemed clueless, ran out of ideas, check out some expert replays and you can learn to improve your game.
Tried to use my tip (lets go car shopping) and use hijackers, POORLY! work on it, never chase after a Gatling it won't end well unless the Gatling cannon is firing elsewhere.

IPB Image

Jarmen usage was terrible, losing him at least 3 times needlessly.

IPB Image

Athrax usage again was very poor.
Lots of poor micro like, Wasted your overlord you captured, gats/dragons you took, scorpions dieing in large groups to air and techs running into things.

Player Rating 4/10

super|cool CHINA

Air usage throughout wasn't the worst, though the opponent put up little resistance to it.
Mine you buildings which is good, very important in CCG.
First few units out you lost carelessly which can be a big factor in this match up.
Battlemaster are a last resort in this match up and only used in special circumstances if at all. Reason for this is they are not effective vs anything the GLA has and GLA can counter them with almost every units at it's command.

IPB Image

You should always always ALWAYS, get the black napalm and Armour upgrade for your MiG, would have made this game much easier and saved you lots of money.

IPB Image

Your base was very exposed to attacks, as china its easy to close it up by doing things like placing buildings on flanks and mining, can be very effective if done right and makes using air much easier.
You could have done with using more Gatling tank and also purchasing the Gatling upgrade for them.
Overlords are great and powerful but slow and vulnerable always make sure they are well protected.

Think you could be a very strong china if you take some of this on board, check out some replays from quasis, silent, deadclown and how they play vs GLA. Also I've these videos that might be handy for this style of play and demonstrates some of the things I have mentioned.

Player Rating 5/10

Overall this game was not the best, much closer than it should have been and many many mistakes from both side. Lots for both players to work on, hope this review helps to improve and gives you an edge in future games.

Overall Rating 45/100
#8-HaTeR-  Sep 15 2014, 02:45 AM -
Nice review! Even though, as usual, ways toooooo harsh.
#9ScOtSmAn  Sep 16 2014, 15:06 PM -

Wasn't harsh at all tongue.gif have a look for yourself the replay wouldn't even be a 5 in 2006, china played like timeline spamming bms without any real clue in the MU tongue.gif
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