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[R]2v2 trojan murderown vs scotsman gora [Rotw]

#1Gora  Dec 19 2007, 21:16 PM -
GG i played last night with scotsman vs trojan and murderown.

havent watched it twice but it came down to genpoint abuse so GG.

Replay Reviewed By Herr_General 22-12-2007

[iNuB]ScOtSmAn` & [SF]Gora Team 1
MurD3r0wN & StatNoob Team 2

Overall Rating

Overall Game
GU vs GG on a different map for a change. This game has it all, usa air and ground vs gla, gla bombtruck, jarmen, buggies, tt and tech-rpg, gen point abuse and a funny late game. Some tactical and build order mistakes bring down the grade. Entertainment value is good.


[SF]Gora (Usa) had an air start vs the gla’s, very understandable, but got into some trouble when StatNoob tech-rpg’ed his airfield. [SF]Gora quickly went tanks in combination with air and with the help of [iNuB]ScOtSmAn` you put alot of pressure on StatNoob. Unfortunately you forgot about the middle and the oil. You kept the pressure up a long time (too long?), without a real break-through, leading to cash problems late game.
    Points for improvement

  • Protect your airfield better, 99% of the time gla uses tech-rpg or tt, you werent ready for it.
  • Loosing 2 drops vs a bombtruck coming from far was a pity, one was even untransformed, why not ll.
  • Overall i think you kept the pressure up at StatNoob too long. With the buildings on this map forcing a breakthrough is though. You should have gone with another possibility earlier.
  • Gla should have had a better build order with which to counter tt.
  • Usa is obviously very handy is this setup, but you had only one tunnel at his base. I would have even liked it better when u completely bunkered his base.
  • The end: im not sure i agree with your choise when [iNuB]ScOtSmAn` quit the game. Its easy talking when all is said and done, but you really lacked the cash gla would have gotten from combat. Very nice gen point abuse by [SF]Gora , but [iNuB]ScOtSmAn` could have used the nook-tt and end up with more cash.

The gla team, you were under some heavy pressure at StatNoob’s base. You managed to hang on and even capped the middle (with a palace even that im not sure off), so when they cleared the middle in end game you had the chance to build some black markets. Overall nice defending, good use of gla abilities.

    Points for improvement

  • Tunnel each others base at the beginning.
  • Use anti tt build order.
  • Scuds would have been very helpful this game when you were with your back against the wall.
  • Dont build a palace far away from your base, use it as a defensive structure.
  • Early game MurD3r0wN should have played way more aggressive.
  • StatNoob should have build money in MurD3r0wN’s base.
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#2Halose  Dec 19 2007, 21:18 PM -
gonna look forward to this.
#3ScOtSmAn  Dec 19 2007, 21:20 PM -

im pro host,hence the UberCool map biggrin.gif

iwub Tundra tongue.gif
#4BoWZeR  Dec 19 2007, 21:33 PM -
Replays: 67 Game:
Insane game, dunno how i lived tongue.gif
#5ScOtSmAn  Dec 19 2007, 22:18 PM -

Because of MurD3r0wN biggrin.gif
#6BoWZeR  Dec 20 2007, 00:49 AM -
Replays: 67 Game:
Yes he god.
#7-Chemical-  Dec 20 2007, 11:50 AM -
Replays: 34 Game:
Nice game...here some funny highlights of the game:

...failed frusty.gif tongue.gif

...do u know the new TC (TerrorChinook) u0udiablo.gif
#8ScOtSmAn  Dec 21 2007, 00:13 AM -

the funniest bit was trojan getting doubled all game rolleyes.gif
#9Herr_General  Dec 22 2007, 10:27 AM -
was it? maybe for the sake of it lol.
#10ScOtSmAn  Dec 22 2007, 12:52 PM -

Thanks for review biggrin.gif i quit at the end cause i couldnt be ased tongue.gif
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