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10/07/05 - Apostle vs Dark_Mace

#1VeDz  Jul 8 2005, 05:08 AM -
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On the edge throughout the whole game.The action and the twists never let up.Simply great I thought.

Besides the odd mistakes on Apostle's behalf this was a great game and a real interesting to watch as well.

BTW this game was played at 3 am here in Australia so they were both kinda lazy and made a few mistakes.But then again that's what makes the game as good as it is. biggrin.gif
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#2Gabi  Jul 8 2005, 07:32 AM -
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Apostle in it, not very intrasing for ....
#3G-[u]nit^  Jul 8 2005, 09:13 AM -
Replays: 7 Game:
He is good player though, so I take a watch smile.gif
#4Skynny  Jul 8 2005, 09:21 AM -
Replays: 82 Game:
Other than the 9k float by Apostle, gg wp. Good to see GLA and China build elsewhere again.
#5G-[u]nit^  Jul 8 2005, 21:47 PM -
Replays: 7 Game:
Okey, here is my review... I hope you'll enjoy it. First some things:

1. Sorry, my English is not very good. I hope you understand.

2. The things I say is my opinion, don't attack me if I say something wrong.

3. I hope we get ROTW/TOP section wink.gif

Also from now on I only do this reviews (with SS) at REALLY nice games... I hope you like it, I don't.. But It was so much work I post it now anyway...

GgGgGg-units Review

user posted image

Actually I don't like China vs GLA games because GLA is underpowered if China does really good Gatt+TH... So I hope this would be different...

The China player start aggressive and goes for the middle to build there a supply and (ofcourse) he goed with supply truck to the GLA's base...

GLA starts defensive, but that's the only way to stop Gatt+TH, so good choice...

user posted image

Then there were the first attacks... The first attack was from the China player, he send a Dragon tank over the flank to attack enemy's supply, it normally works not very good...

The GLA player went for Tech+RPG... Too bad he didn't bring a worker with him, next time don't forget smile.gif He also went for Oils, I don't see many GLA-players go for early Oil.. So: Respect thum.gif

user posted image

|FC|Marsha's attack:

user posted image

|FC|XyLoCk's attack + base

user posted image

Marsha loses his Tech and RPG at mines, not really smart sad.gif But shit happens... He did enough damage to XyLoCk^. On the other side, XyLoCk^ didn't do much damage with his Dragon Tank... So 1-0 for Marsha..

XyLoCk^ build his base in the middle now and doesn't use the supply's back in his "old" base... But he has enough money to make it really difficult for Marsha...

User posted image

Spam, spam, spam, spam etc. tongue.gif

But Marsha really stayed a live... His Jarmen Kell pwned and he had allready a "new bunkered base".

User posted image

XyLoCk^ tried everything but didn't came trough.. He sends a dragon tank over the flank and it looks like he comes trough.. And there was the pwnage Jarmen again, he hits the Dragon Tank and a worker takes the wheel.. He goes behind the Base of XyLoCk^ and from that part it's looks really bad for XyLoCk^. First I thought XyLoCk^ was going to win... But now it seems Marsha is going to win...

User posted image

Now XyLoCk^ knows he is going to loose, and he is going to spam some CC's... Just Surrender man cool2.gif

But finally, after some minutes he surrenders...

User posted image

Mistakes by XyLoCk^:

user posted image

1. Plz, next time... Never build your Supply such far away from the Supply-depot... It really matters... frusty.gif

2. Marsha had almost the entier game the supply's, destroy it or capture it...

3. Again so far...

Mistakes by Marsha:

User posted image

1. If you have Jarmen, and you know your oponent has only 1 dozer... Why you don't stand 1 millimeter next to the dozer, shoot it, and crawl into it and build CC/Energie?

2. The Tech + RPG were a bit stupid lost wink.gif


I didn't thought it was a vgg... It was a bit boring, nothing really special IMO. But I did like the play of GLA.. I think I really learned something.. But China didn't play good IMO. Apostle can play better.. But maybe it has something to do with that it was 3.00 happy.gif

I give a 6.8/10, sorry... It's such high because it was so close at the end..

Greetings, Gen.NL|G-[u]nit^

P.s. I think that there are to many SS's, And it's not really good review.. But if some1 has things that I should do better, plz say... Thx.
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#6Skynny  Jul 8 2005, 22:19 PM -
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#7^spAmmAAjA^  Jul 8 2005, 22:51 PM -
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That was very good review tbh.
#8VeDz  Jul 9 2005, 10:06 AM -
Replays: 39 Game:
OMFG best review I've ever seen.

G unit for replay reviewer DEFINATELY !!!.
You rock man.
#9|TBL|Penna  Jul 9 2005, 10:24 AM -
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Ofcourse Gunit rocks, otherwise he wouldn't post it biggrin.gif smilie_naughty.gif
#10--ReLixXz-Z-  Jul 9 2005, 10:33 AM -
Replays: 8 Game:
cool and very interesting review i think if we do get rr's in the future you might be one of them.
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