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[R] AMAZING 3v3!

#21Lord Cylon  Feb 28 2006, 20:36 PM -
Replays: 6
Watch what i do when I think the enemy is about to take out my arms dealers ... promise you its possible.
#22Excelsis.hT  Feb 28 2006, 23:44 PM -
k wiggas....cold war back in bussiness..im a watch it in a min
#23Excelsis.hT  Mar 1 2006, 01:39 AM -
pretty nice game...late was kind of boring thought...yea i guess those chinas didn't have anything else to do but take another 2 hours before getting whoooped wacko.gif

Team 1
: [Po}v{eR]*Une[X]^{ , Harry-Potthead , [AH](&*1990*&)

These guys played very nice at spart, good teamwork overall. 1990 started out pretty much taking oils...did good china vs gla strat. Good wf placement and speed which helped him make sure Fuck you 2 don't spread out all over the place. didn't get prop fast enough even thought had 4 oils at some point. With out ovies or anyting couldn't keeep up with fuck you 2 and lost all the oils shortly. From there it was pretty much beginning of the end for him, he still had some nice ovie attacks but couldn't retake oils or anything and made FUck you 2 very strong! Harry...played O.K. I mean...all the basicly did was mig spamming...made some ovies and TCs for middle. Good mig support for team thought...had had tunnels all over but he took care all of them. Didn't get too far with migs becasue team 2 got oils and Fuck you 2s guad spam keep this guy low. Nice hckers for late. Unex did best for this team....had rough start...couldn't really get oils. After Harry migged fuck you to death at oils he had more space...and nice doulbe wf + quick prop did well after that. Very good hacker spam for late game. Imo instead of making like 6 ovies...u should of gotten upgrade first...because late game vs 2 gla and usa would be extremely tough with just havin plain tanks.

Team 2 : Horny_Potter , FuCk_YoU_2 , FuCk_YoU
Very well played by this team. Potter did very good at start...quick wf at oils and double rax awith some patts for distraction. Didn't stand a chance vs Pottheads mig spam and lost the oils pretty fast...another reason to that is that fuck you 2 lost his oils and 1990 killed him at oils from the back. After that....imo you should of just spammed drops...thats all since all the tea m1 were china and no1 would drop u or tt. That didn't really happen and you end up with hardly any money for late game....couldn't afford snipers drops or anything to help finish the game. Fuck you 2 had rough start at oils but still managed to take 2 of em and retake after lil bit. Gotta luv that double wf strat...i didn't really think u would have money but with 2 oils it was all good, and you spammed enought scorps to get 1990 were he come from tongue.gif...after you retook oils, it wasn't too hard...only thing was pretty rough it that mig spam...but still you had very goood black market spam which supplied you for good tongue.gif. that Guad spam was HoT xD. Fuck you had nice teamwork with both teamm8s...nice tunnel spam at middle...too bad those dam migs crushed you off middle wacko.gif....nice helping at potters side also. Didn't get any oils.. i think that was pretty much reason you had very low on cash and had to basicly watch the game..Zzzz should of taken that extra supplie tbh..since fuck you 2 had oils.

Overall....damz...this is one longg game tongue.gif...china could of won when late game just started because fuck you and potter were weak...but their choise of tryuing to outspam money was bad idea Zzzz

Overall i did give it 7/10 tbh...very nice effort guys....if i were playin of those chinas...i would of quit
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#24Diamond-  Jul 21 2017, 12:44 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
I watched this old game and I will vastly disagree with most reviewers here. The game was entertaining in the beginning, yes, but the strategies played were pretty bad, especially from the bottom team. Also mig useage was really really poor, could have ended the game so fast.

I do not understand, how the bottom china right guy played fast tech vs an USA player. Also since left bottom China won the middle battle pretty easy and took 4 oils quickly, I do not understand how he was messing up so hard letting gla retake the side with just a few units.

Also the top mid gla has been on 2 supplies instead of 3 the whole game long. This is not ideal since the impact of a mid gla is really too low in such a matchup then.

I would pretty much say, that even a gameranger team of active arab players would crush the top team pretty easy in this matchup.

Entertaining yes, skillwise was pretty ok from a few players, strategy wise it was not really good, overall max. 5/10 from me in todays standards. Maybe the game is too old to be compared with todays standards though.
#25BoWZeR  Jul 21 2017, 16:03 PM -
Replays: 67 Game:
why are you posting in here lmao
#26Diamond-  Jul 22 2017, 21:44 PM -
Replays: 41 Game:
Haha, just have been bored and watched this replay since it popped up biggrin.gif
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