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CNC Red Alert Remastered

GameReplays interviews Netput

By Leikeze - 10th August 2020 - 17:27 PM

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Command and Conquer Remasters:

GameReplays: Are you playing both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert or are you focusing on just one of them?

Netput: Red Alert 1 was my first Command and Conquer game ever. Therefore I am going to focus on that. Nostalgia helps a long way to like a game. I am planning to finish all the missions though. So the missions will be Tiberium Dawn first and after that Red Alert 1. Online youíll only find me playing Red Alert.

GameReplays: Is there anything specifically in the remasters that you're happy to see has made it in?

Netput: Maybe a bit odd, but I am really looking forward to see my old gamer friends back. All us grow older and I lost a lot of contact with a lot of them. Now the remasters are released I already spoke to a few guys I didnít speak with in years!

GameReplays: Is there anything in the remasters that you are concerned about?

Netput: The pathfinding is absolutely terrible. Sure thing that you want to keep it in the missions because of the nostalgic feel, but it shouldnít be like this in skirmish and multiplayer. It is simply frustrating and it will lead to people leaving the game. Same with other QoL features like waypoints and attack move.

GameReplays: Can the community expect to see you battling for the top spots in the competitive scene or will you be more of a casual/semi casual player?

Netput: Although I would love to get hooked, I donít think I have the time to be really fighting for the top spots on the ladder. Iíll try to squeeze my games in though. Hopefully thatíll be enough for a top 200 placement? So far I am 10/0 on quickmatch, so I am going strong!

GameReplays: Is there any aspects of other games, be it Command and Conquer or a different Real Time Strategy franchise, that you would like to see implemented into the remasters?

Netput: Basic QoL features would do it for me. Iíd like to see a clan system and lobby as well, but they arenít critical. The remaster should stay true to its identity and shouldnít change its core. Personally I like this simplistic basic tank fights. Never been a fan of huge fights with 10 types of different units.

GameReplays: Any additional thoughts about the remasters that you have?

Netput: I really like what they did to the remaster. The amount of love that went into it is really showing. For a first patch the game is really fun to play as well. I fear a bit about the longevity about the game though. The balance for online games is not good at all. The starting units, weird build times, HP on units and buildings that are off. Next to that, the pathfinding is terrible and I've read that AI in skirmish games is horrible as well. The only way i see this game having a healthy community is when they fix this and add some Quality of Life features as well. Simple things like waypoints, use spacebar to jump to last event, attack move, etc. They should leave the missions in 'legacy mode' with crappy pathfinding and AI, but improve the rest. Without it, this game will have no players within a few months and they'll return to OpenRA or other games.


GameReplays: Will you be sticking to one versus one competitive games or can we expect to see you in the 2v2/3v3/4v4 scene as well? If playing with people do you have anyone in particular who you will be playing alongside?

Netput: Mainly 1v1 games, as it is easier and quicker to get a game going. Iíd like to 2v2 as well, but sadly enough the remaster is missing a 2v2 quickmatch and ladder. If that will be implemented I will most likely play both.

GameReplays: Was there any gameplay mistakes you would make and had to overcome in your previous competitive play?

Netput: Iíve always been a slow clicker. I donít believe in high APM clicks. Due to that, I struggle a bit with macro though. Micro is my strong point, but macro always fails me. That is why I never really dominated in StarCraft 2 either. Battles are simply more fun for me. I like to fight rather than manage. This is why I always preferred C&C over games like Age of Empires and Starcraft.

GameReplays: Do you have any rituals for before a serious game? Any lucky objects you like to have with you?

Netput: I always play with headset on as well to have as little distraction as possible. Next to that, Iíll always have something to drink next to me as well. Nothing bothers me more than getting thirsty during an intense game session.

GameReplays: Any advice to players hoping to become better on how to improve?

Netput: Try not to care about losing and just hop on with a smile into every game you play. Real Time Strategy is a very hard genre. It is extremely unforgiving. As soon as you feel frustrated, just quit the game and return after a break. If you got rolled by your enemy look at the replay and try to figure out why. Donít blame the game, blame yourself for your losing. Youíll only get better if you can identify the moment you lost.