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CNC Red Alert Remastered

C&C Remaster King of the Hill #1

By phantom9399 - 5th June 2020 - 11:45 AM

Good Afternoon Commanders,

Gamereplays.org is proud to announce the official launch of our C&C Remaster Sections.

Tiberium Dawn Section. Red Alert Section.

These sections will provide an avenue for players to discuss the remastered games including strategies, maps and mods. We will be constantly improving the section as more features get unlocked in the remasters.

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Gamereplays will also be hosting a series of tournaments for the remaster games including casual tournaments and prized events. To kick off these sections we will be running a King of the Hill Competition for the opening week of the remasters.

Rules and Formalities:


Event Format

  • The tournament will be played on the official servers using the ranked maps.
  • The tournament will run from the 05/06/2020 20:00GMT to 12/06/2020 20:00GMT
  • The games will be a best of 3 series with the King selecting the first map and then looser picks.
  • Any faction is allowed including Random
  • The king will have 6 hours to play their matches, after six hours the King will be removed and the challenger will become the new King.
  • All Replays must be saved and uploaded alongside the results.
  • Players will score 1 point per set win (2-0 or 2-1)
  • The winner will be the player with the most points at the end of the event.


This event will be treated as an event sponsored by GameReplays for the purposes of Awards. The two medals we will be handing out are the Tournament Winners Medal and the Tournament Participation Medal. To gain the Tournament Winners Medal, you just have to win a tournament. To gain a Participation Medal, you must participate in all rounds of the tournament until you are eliminated (this includes the 3rd place playoffs).

Signing up

Sign-up by posting in the relevant topic for the game you wish to play in. Once you have played your games you are allowed to sign-up again.

Please note commanders, letting someone else play in your name in an event is treated as cheating by GameReplays and will be punished accordingly. The fixed penalty for a first offence cheat conviction prescribed by the site rules is a 28 day suspension from GameReplays. The penalty for a second offence is a permanent ban.

Conduct at the Event

Players are expected to assist in the conduct of the event. Accordingly, conduct which tends to disrupt the event, including a failure to follow the instructions of the tournament manager or staff, interrupting or intervening in announcements made by the tournament staff or discourteous or disruptive conduct generally may result in forfeiture, sanction or disqualification from the tournament or future tournaments. The decision of the tournament manager on all matters concerning the conduct and outcome of the tournament is final and not open to debate. Questioning any such decision is likely to be treated as disruptive conduct.

Delaying one's own defeat in a game where defeat is inevitable and there is no tactical advantage to the delay may be considered bad sportsmanship and treated as such.

Bugs and Exploits

Use of bugs and exploits is prohibited. However, due to the game being a new release and a complete list of bugs and exploits not being available yet any participant using bugs/exploits will be dealt with on a case by case basis with the potential of full exclusion from future tournaments.


Should a tournament participant lose connection during a match then the match will be treated as a loss for the participant who lost connection unless they had a clear lead to the point that the match was already decided and the opponent had no realistic way of winning the match (tournament organizers' discretion applies), or if both participants agree to re-play the match. If they re-play the match the same factions and map must be used.

If a participant disconnects multiple times in a tournament they may be DQ'd.

Cheating/Disconnecting/Dispute Resolution

All reports and issues will be resolved by the tournament manager and the referees. Cheating will result in exclusion from the tournament and a ban from future tournaments hosted by GameReplays.org. Poor sportsmanship may also result in disqualification from the tournament.

We hope to see you on the battlefield, Commanders!

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