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GameReplays interviews Netput

By Leikeze - 10th August 2020 - 17:27 PM


GameReplays: Is there any players who you admire or looked up to?

Netput: Not really. As soon as you admire someone you’ll play with your handbrake on. Just have the confidence to believe you can win any game. In the end it is just a game. Who cares if you win or lose. As long as you have a good real life the gaming community and names mean less and less.

GameReplays: Is there any players who you particuarly enjoyed playing against? Be it the fun aspect, their ability to push you to your limits or another factor?

Netput: Back in the day I’ve played a lot with and against Apollo, technique, Ball_bikerush, locoluky, Iaguz, Strida, HERO, Moony, Prepare, Pilbots and DMraider and so many more! All players that were really good. My favorite boy however is Klung. Lovely guy that shares the same birthday as me. Shoutout to my PoW| clan guys!

GameReplays: Is there any maps from previous games you're hoping to see recreated in the remasters?

Netput: A nice remake of Tournament Desert and Fords of Isen would be cool. I like a nice rotation of maps though. The only thing I disliked from the clanwars.cc period is that 99% of the games were played on the same map.

Gamereplays Do you have a least favourite moment? For example, any major fumbles you can think of from your competitive days that you really regret. If so, was there anything you feel you learned from it?

Netput: The only thing I regret is taking it too serious. It is just a game you are playing. I should’ve enjoyed it a lot more. Other than that I only smile when I think back about the golden days.

GameReplays: Do you have a favourite moment?

Netput: The clanwars.cc ladder would always end after a month. For us Europeans this was during the middle of the night. I still remember my mom walking in at 3AM on a Tuesday night asking what the hell I was still doing up. The look on her face when I said ‘trying to win clanwars mom’ is something I will never forget.
Something awesome as well is that I’ve got invited to the EALA studios to work on Battle for Middle Earth 2. This wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t a dedicated player and staff member on GameReplays. It was a great time to work with people at EA on a great franchise.

GameReplays: Do you have a favourite Command and Conquer? Are you hoping to see this remaster trend continue and EA to remaster it?

Netput: A remaster of Red Alert 2 would we absolutely amazing. I’ll take a week off and would play 24/7 if that game would ever get remastered!

GameReplays: Is there any names you're hoping to see pop up in the remastered competitive scene?

Netput: I hope to see names pop-up again that I forgot. Old names of people I played a lot with, but who I forgot are still around. That would be great.

GameReplays: Any final remarks you would like to make, be in regards to GameReplays, the remasters or something else?

Netput: GameReplays will always have a special place in my heart. Keep up doing this great work! Hopefully someday a true new Command and Conquer will be released and then GameReplays will shine back to its former glory!

GameReplays: Is there anything that interested parties can follow you on to keep track of you? For example Twitch, Youtube etc.

Netput: I am not really active on youtube or twitch lately, but I still have them lurking around. Perhaps I will create new content in the future. For whoever wants to follow it:
Twitch | Youtube

GameReplays: Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to seeing you in game!

With that, we have come to the end of this interview! If you are a notable face in our C&C community or one of our fellow C&C game experts and you would like to share your thoughts regarding the future of the C&C franchise and the Remasters, do feel free to reach out!

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