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CNC Red Alert Remastered

Resurgence Tournament Brackets & Streams

By eXs.bikefan - 14th June 2020 - 09:45 AM

Welcome back, Comrades! This is the Brackets & Streams page for the C&C Red Alert Remastered Resurgence Tournament.

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StonyTheWoke (AKA Seitan)


Map pool

During this event you can only use these selected maps:
  • Keep off the Grass
  • Middle Mayhem
  • Snow Garden
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Equal Shares
  • The Cauldron
  • Gold Rush
The map selection is fixed and not negotiable.


Following rules need to be set in game lobby before players start their matches:
  • Mode: Bases On - Destroy Structures
  • Game Speed - Normal
  • Starting Units - Few
  • Tech Level - 10
  • Credits - 10,000
  • Unit Queueing - Enabled
  • Ore Regrows - Enabled
  • Crates - Disabled
  • Shroud Regrows - Enabled
  • Super Weapons - Enabled
  • Redeployable MCV - Disable
  • Aftermath Units - Enabled

Maps for each round

The starting map for each round is Keep off the Grass. Then loser picks from map pool.

Players will need to choose position on map before the game starts. If two players cannot agree on positions then the referee will choose the positions.