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Soviet Campaign Walkthrough - Mission 1

By DJ_Chill - 1st July 2020 - 19:05 PM

Hey there Commanders! Stuck with the Campaign for Command & Conquer: Red Alert Remastered? No worries, XYHC and GameReplays.Org have prepared a guide for you to tackle Missions 1 to 9 of the Soviet Campaign on Hard difficulty. With practice and personal experimentation, you will be going through these missions like plasma knife through polybutter!

Before that, here are some quality-of-life tips for the Remastered games:

Always Save!
Be sure to press ESC and save your game once in a while - the Remastered campaign enemies might throw surprises at you rather frequently.

Upgrade Tactical Interface
Press SPACE to switch between original & remastered graphics! You can switch to right-click movement in the OPTIONS settings.

Let's kick things off this time looking at the first mission in the series.

Mission 1: Lesson In Blood

The first Soviet mission is an introductory guide in helping you understand the basic unit controls.

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Pay attention to your aircraft ammo meters

To start off, you are to control three aircraft to kill all enemy units. Your aircraft would automatically return to base upon depleting their ammunition. They may circle around for a bit before landing, so donít get anxious - Just wait for them to refill before sending them out again.

Explosive Barrels
Eliminate masses of enemies quickly by targeting the barrels around the map!

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Prioritize blowing up the barrels

As you clear the landing, you will receive paradrop reinforcements. These troops can be sent to the top of the map to kill the remainder of the enemies (Be sure to avoid enemy vehicles!).

You complete the mission by killing off every single blue dot you can spot on the mini map - this includes seemingly-neutral structures.

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Send men across the bridge

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