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Soviet Campaign Walkthrough - Mission 2

By DJ_Chill - 4th July 2020 - 15:34 PM

Hey there Commanders! Stuck with the Campaign for Command & Conquer: Red Alert Remastered? No worries, XYHC and GameReplays.Org have prepared a guide for you to tackle Missions 1 to 9 of the Soviet Campaign on Hard difficulty. With practice and personal experimentation, you will be going through these missions like plasma knife through polybutter!

Previous Mission

Mission 2: The Thin Red Line

The second mission is where you get to use the newly upgraded building interface! You can cycle between build tabs as well as queue up multiple units.

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Its a trap!

Do not send your troopers onto the bridge to the left of your base as it would trigger the enemy to blow the bridge up.

In this mission, you also gain access to Attack Dogs.

Despite being fragile, they can prove very helpful in defending your base in this infantry-heavy mission.

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To unlock Dogs, you must first construct a Kennel

Once you have amassed enough infantry, take either the route on top or the route on the bottom into the enemy base. Your goal is again, to eliminate all enemies. (Do not worry about any turrets that are not in your way - they will be sold off if you destroy all enemy buildings)

An unexpected threat
Beware, if you destroyed the enemy refinery before killing their ore truck, it would rush toward your army and start crushing all your infantrymen in a surprisingly efficient manner! Try to kill the ore truck first, or press X to spread out your infantrymen.

IPB ImageIts going rogue!

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