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CNC Red Alert Remastered

Soviet Walkthrough #9

By cwedvin - 7th November 2020 - 11:07 AM

Hey there Commanders! Stuck with the Campaign for Command & Conquer: Red Alert Remastered? No worries, XYHC and GameReplays.Org have prepared a guide for you to tackle Missions 1 to 9 of the Soviet Campaign on Hard difficulty. With practice and personal experimentation, you will be going through these missions like plasma knife through polybutter!

Mission 9: Liability Elimination

Brace yourself, this is a hard mission. The first half of this mission is all about survival. Turtle in your base and mass produce Tesla Coils as fast as you can. Focus on fortifying the left opening of your base - the attacks from there are more aggressive.

It is worth noting that this is also the first mission where the Allies deploy their aircrafts against you. Your only anti-air options are the two Mammoth tanks you receive from the beginning and SAM Turrets. Place them on the left to fend off air strikes. Protect your Mammoths well, since you cannot rebuild them.

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Where are my flaks?

Faster Ore Collection
Sell the concrete wall on the bottom left of your base and establish a refinery there. Later on in the game, this will allow you to collect resources much faster.

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You will depend heavily on the bottom ore fields

A little later on, the enemy would try to rush engineers into your base from the top and sneak armies to the bottom via transports. That is your cue to build Tesla Coils on the bottom as well.

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Expecting us?

Overall, survival is the hardest part of this mission. Once you have got a stable line of defense, you can gather up tank numbers and crush your enemies.

We hope that you have enjoyed and benefited from this guide. If you would like to contribute your own tips or guides for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert Remastered, do reach out to Edvin Good luck out there Commanders!

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