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Tiberian Sun - 22th Anniversary

By cwedvin - 3rd August 2021 - 20:31 PM

Greetings Comrades, GameReplays is proud to announce Tiberian Sun 22th Anniversary Event:

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Date, Time and Location

Tiberian Sun 22 anniversary will be on Friday, August 27th beginning at 14:00 GMT/ 16:00 CEST. We will meet in the 22nd-anniversary discord, in #tournament lobby immediately after you check-in. Time differences can be cross-checked.

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The total cash prize pool for this event is 216$ and is sponsored by jarko(199kr), jani (499kr), michel (919kr), zak (112kr), and c&c community (35).

the prize pool has been converted over to USA dollars and then rounded up, so the total prize pool ended up at 216$ but will be split between 2 events, so this event has 108$ as its prize pool. The 1st place prize is worth 44$ 2nd place gets a prize of 24$ and 4 random draws at 10$ to an individual participating player.

You have to play all your matches to be eligible for any prize. Anyone who forfeits, is disqualified or does not properly participate, will not be eligible for any prizes.

All prizes are in USD and will be transferred via PayPal. If we cannot transfer the money to you, then we will work with you on how you want your winnings handled.

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Map Pool

The first map of every round will be terraces. Losing side picks from the maps listed in the pool below and cannot pick the same map twice in any round. Factions, including random, must be chosen before the map and cannot be changed afterward. If the factions are changed after map choice then the team that picked can choose to counter pick factions or change the map.

  • terraces (Starting Map)
  • Forest fires
  • tunnel training
  • throwback
  • toxicity
  • The pit
  • mushroom party
The tournament will be a SINGLE ELIMINATION. All rounds will be BO3 up to the Finals which are a BO7. There is no 3rd place match.

Fair Play

Please use the settings provided in the images below.

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Checking In

The check-in period will be between 13:00 and 13:55 GMT (opens 1 hour prior to event start time), after that point the brackets will be drafted and made official.

There will be an official check-in chat in the aneversery discord that will open at 13:00. To check-in: write your in-game name and account name on GameReplays and say here or in.

Only players that are registered will be allowed to check-in. Only checked-in players will be in the bracket. If you have a situation that would cause you to not be able to check-in, but you can still participate then message

Edvin on discord.

You will have 15 minutes to begin your games after the brackets are posted. Brackets will likely be posted by 14:00, but this depends on how late players check-in. You must start your games by 14:15 or you will be disqualified.


If you're early then you're on time. If you're on time then you're late. And if you're late you're disqualified!

There is simply no fun in sitting around waiting on people, so the 15 minutes is the maximum grace period allowed in between all rounds. Failure for anyone to appear [u]at any stage of the event
will result in that players forfeit.

If you need to take a break in between games, inform your opponent and the Referee. At most, five minute breaks will be allowed and only if needed. Maximum one break per round. If a player is found to be abusing this freedom or failing to inform the necessary parties or not returning on time, you will be disqualified at Referee discretion.

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