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GameReplays interviews JulzzZ

By FUzziBabes - 2nd July 2020 - 19:34 PM


GameReplays: Will you be sticking to one versus one competitive games or can we expect to see you in the 2v2/3v3/4v4 scene as well? If playing with people do you have anyone in particular who you will be playing alongside?

JulzzZ: I will mainly be playing the 1v1s. I wouldn't mind teaming up with people similar skill, and would ideally like to play all game modes to enjoy the game to the fullest. If I play alongside someone, it'll probably be JonnyKnows.

GameReplays: Was there any gameplay mistakes you would make and had to overcome in your previous competitive play?

JulzzZ: Many! It'd be way too long to list them all. The more experience you get playing a game the quicker and easier it is to react to the enemy.
Even now there's more to overcome, for example I don't use hotkeys at all.. It's kind of a big disadvantage but I haven't bothered in the past, might start that soon.

GameReplays: Is there anything you feel you excelled at? Something that made you stand out?

JulzzZ: If this is a direct question to a game then I'd say so. In Red Alert 3 I thrived on Empire vs Empire matches, and made it my goal to be the best in this mode. I'd also say what made me stand out is the first Red Alert 3 expert to not use hotkeys, as previously mentioned.

GameReplays: Do you have any rituals for before a serious game? Any lucky objects you like to have with you?

JulzzZ: Not really, I like to head straight into ranked each and every time :D

GameReplays: Any advice to players hoping to become better on how to improve?

JulzzZ: Yes, focus on your mistakes. It can be frustrating losing frequently, but if you lose you can improve. If you win you will not learn anywhere near as much. Watch your replays and see what you could do better, and watch pro replays and see what they're doing that you're not. If you're not sure, copy what they do and find the strengths and weaknesses of that playstyle.

Command and Conquer Remasters:

Gamereplays: Are you playing both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert or are you focusing on just one of them?

JulzzZ: Both.

GameReplays: Is there anything specifically in the remasters that you're happy to see has made it in?

JulzzZ: I'd say I'm happy they left it as untouched as possible. This game is popular for the nostalgia so good that it's all there.

GameReplays: Is there anything in the remasters that you are concerned about?

JulzzZ: Not really concerned, but adding extra missions would've been great.

GameReplays: Can the community expect to see you battling for the top spots in the competitive scene or will you be more of a casual/semi casual player?

JulzzZ: For now I'll be competing towards the top, but it can change at any time.

GameReplays: Are there any aspects of other games, be it Command and Conquer or a different Real Time Strategy franchise, that you would like to see implemented into the remasters?

JulzzZ: Remake them all, I personally loved all the command and conquers. Tiberian Sun and Red Alert 2 definitely needs to be next though.

GameReplays: Have you played any of the campaigns? What are your initial thoughts on the singleplayer?

JulzzZ: I've completed every single C&C Mission officially made more than likely, on the hardest difficulty. Singleplayer is where I get the most nostalgia, and I love the unique scenarios (especially in Tiberian Dawn) that force you to use multiple units and strategies. I haven't played the current campaigns, but that's because at the moment I'm focusing on Pro Play.

GameReplays: What are your first impressions of the online gameplay?

JulzzZ: I like it but it has too many unfair mechanics at the moment, the obvious ones being pathing and units auto de-selecting/not moving.

GameReplays: Is there anything about the online gameplay which you are really fond of?

JulzzZ: Just fond of all the different players coming back to have fun and compete.

GameReplays: Is there anything which you feel could do with improvement?

JulzzZ: I'd really like to extend the ladder past the top 200 or at least give everyone their own rating. Really unfair for newer players/mid players trying to see how they fare. Also means can't see total players or know how close players are to the top 200.

GameReplays: Any additional thoughts about the remasters that you have?

JulzzZ: Just to fix some of the bugs and online gameplay, and it can truly be phenomenal :)