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CNC Tiberian Dawn Remastered

Information on C&C Remastered Physical Edition

By FallenXE - 11th March 2020 - 14:36 PM

As noted in our post regarding the reveal trailer and release date for Command & Conquer Remastered, EA has announced that they have partnered with Limited Run Games to produce two physical editions of the game.

Let's take a look as to the different items that will be included when you order the Special Edition versus the 25th Anniversary Edition!

Background Information:
  • Pre-orders for both physical editions can only be made on LimitedRunGames
  • Pre-orders for both physical editions open on March 10th, 2020
  • Pre-orders for both physical editions close on April 10th, 2020 at 2359 hrs Eastern Time
  • The Special Edition costs USD 59.99
  • The 25th Anniversary Edition costs USD 149.99

Similarities for both Physical Editions:
  • Game Box with Steam download code
  • Tech Tree Prints - for GDI, Nod, Allies and Soviets
  • Tiberium Crystal USB with the Remastered Original Soundtrack (OST) and the album "Frank Klepacki and the Tiberium Sons: Celebrating 25 Years of Command & Conquer"
  • Faction Sticker Sheet
  • Faction Pins
  • Reversible 18" x 24" Poster with the Tiberian Dawn cover art on one side and the Red Alert cover art on the other

Special Edition Content:

IPB Image

Image courtesy of LimitedRunGames

25th Anniversary Edition Content:

IPB Image

Image courtesy of LimitedRunGames

So what extra content do you get for that additional USD 90? That would be the following:

  • Metal Mammoth Tank Replica
  • Tesla Coil Replica
  • Obelisk of Light Replica
  • 6-Disc Remastered OST Soundtrack Set signed by Frank Klepacki
  • 100+ Page Artbook
  • Faction Patches
  • Reversible Beanie with Faction Emblems

In any case, it is always a positive for developers to include a physical edition release for their fans, especially for a franchise as closely associated with full-motion videos and physical box set releases such as Command & Conquer. If you prefer to opt for the digital releases instead, do note that they are both available for pre-order from both Steam and Origin right now!

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