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Jim Vessella Twitter AMA Recap

By FallenXE - 21st March 2020 - 17:29 PM

On March 12, Lead Producer for Command & Conquer Remastered Jim Vessella held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Twitter!

EA has released a recap of some of the questions and replies from the session and a selection of them have been included below.

Question: “If [we] buy [the game on] Steam, do we need Origin installed to play the game on Steam or [do we] only need to link/sign in with an EA account?”

Answer: Right now, Steam players will need to link to an EA Account upon first bootup. However, they will not need the Origin Client installed.

Question: “How extensive is the Map Editor? Can you make single-player missions with it?”

Answer: Yes! The Map Editor can create both single-player and multiplayer maps. We're excited to see what the community creates!

Question: “Will the graphics switch work in multiplayer, or is it for campaign only? Cheers, Jim!”

Answer: The graphics switching took some magical code work by the Petroglyph team. It works in solo modes, so Campaign and Skirmish, but not in Multiplayer. It's one of my favorite features in the Remastered Collection.

Question: “Is there a game speed controller in the remaster like in the original?”

Answer: Yes, you can adjust the game speed for yourself in both Campaign and Skirmish, and then the Host can choose it for everyone in Multiplayer.
Source: EA

For the full AMA session, do check out the official Command & Conquer Twitter account! In addition, you can also sign up to EA's mailing list (at the bottom of the link) to receive the latest update regarding C&C Remastered.

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