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First reviews are in!

By DJ_Chill - 6th June 2020 - 15:14 PM

The first reviews are in for the remasters giving a great initial metacritic score of 83 indicating "generally favorable reviews, based on 26 Critic Reviews". Those critic reviews are ranging from 65-100, meaning there are no overwhelmingly negative reviews so far. On the contrary, user reviews are much higher giving an 8.9 average user rating. Those scores feel representative of the community views on the remasters covered in our day one in review article from earlier today.

The "generally favorable reviews" so far.

Here's what some of the critics had to say:

The original Command & Conquer might be almost 25 years old by now, but its signature fast-paced strategic gameplay hasnít aged a day. Remastered does exactly what modern-era collections should, offering old-school action with modern-day fidelity and loads of extras. This is a perfect example of remasters done right: The original gameplay remains intact, the upgraded presentation is flawless, and the added bonuses are tremendous. Put simply, your favorite Command & Conquer games are back and better than ever.
Source: metacritic - Game Revolution review

This remaster collection turns out to be a lovingly restored new edition, with which strategy fans of the old school in particular should be happy. One can argue about the dusty gameplay and some lack of comfort, but these are concessions to the community that wished for "their" old C&C.Source: metacritic - PC Games review

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection is a splendid coat of paint on two old masterpieces. You will have fun remembering the old times and watching the absurd videos, but the gameplay is stale and its age clearly shows itself.Source: metacritic - Eurogamer review

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