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GameReplays interviews JulzzZ

By FUzziBabes - 2nd July 2020 - 19:34 PM

Hey everyone! This is Fuzzibabes with an addition to our series of interviews of notable individuals of our GameReplays community. With the recent release of the Tiberian Dawn and the Red Alert remasters, the interview can now also include their first thoughts about the the latest installments of the Command and Conquer franchise.

For today's interview, we have Red Alert 3 and League of Legends expert JulzzZ.

GameReplays: Hello JulzzZ, thank you for agreeing to do this! Could we start with you telling us a bit about who you are?

JulzzZ: My real name is Julian, and my main in-game names are JulzzZ and Peasy. I'm 27, from Australia and I am a Teacher.

GameReplays: Any particular goals in life you would like to share? What drives you outside of the gaming?

JulzzZ: I'd say my goals in life are to help and make a difference in people's lives.

Command and Conquer History:

GameReplays: How long have you played Command and Conquer?

JulzzZ: Hard to say.. I'm pretty sure I started around 23 years ago.

GameReplays: Which Command and Conquers have you played competitively in?

JulzzZ: Tiberian Sun, Renegade and Red Alert 3.

GameReplays: Which Command and Conquer would you say was your main focus?

JulzzZ: Definitely Red Alert 3, most of my time would easily be spent there.

GameReplays: Are you currently active in a Command and Conquer game? Are you playing competitively?

JulzzZ: Yep! I'm currently playing both Command and Conquer remastered games, currently focusing on Tiberian Dawn at the moment (gotta keep that rank 1 you know) but I'm also playing Red Alert somewhat, I'm 9-0 on the ladder at the moment.

GameReplays.Org and Community History:

GameReplays: How long have you been a member of GameReplays.Org? Are you active at the moment or are you returning for the remasters?

JulzzZ: Hmm I'd say around 10 years now. I'm returning for the remasters.

GameReplays: What would you say were your major roles in the community? Are you mainly a player or do you dabble outside of that? For example game casting?

JulzzZ: Mainly a player. Winning is the most enjoyable!

GameReplays: Were you on staff, if so in what games and roles?

JulzzZ: I've been a Referee as well as a guide publisher. My guides on here have only been on red alert 3. I'll actually be working with Sybert soon to be bringing another Red Alert 3 guide so stay tuned :)