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Interview with Cloverfield

By FUzziBabes - 25th May 2020 - 13:29 PM

Hey everyone! I am Fuzzibabes and this hopefully marks the first in a series of interviews with the expert players of the various Command & Conquer games of our GameReplays community as we get some insight on to their background, playstyles and what their hopes are for the C&C franchise going forward, especially with the release of the Tiberian Dawn and the Red Alert Remasters around the corner.

For today's interview, we have Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath expert Cloverfield.

GameReplays: Hello Cloverfield, thank you for agreeing to do this! Could we start with you telling us a bit about who you are?

Cloverfield: My name is Davide and I am thirty three years old and I am from Italy. I work as a developer for the retail world.

GameReplays: Any particular goals in life you would like to share? What drives you outside of the gaming?

Cloverfield: I have a good job, a family so I cannot complain. Besides gaming, I love travelling, soccer and I also active on betfair.

Command and Conquer History:

GameReplays: How long have you played Command and Conquer?

Cloverfield: I have been playing since Red Alert 1 came out when I was a kid and have passed through all the games since.

GameReplays: Which Command and Conquers have you played competitively in?

Cloverfield: I have played competitively in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.

GameReplays: Which Command and Conquer would you say was your main focus?

Cloverfield: Tiberium Wars was by far the funnier and better game to play for me, if I could choose, I'd go for it!

GameReplays: Are you currently active in a Command and Conquer game? Are you playing competitively?

Cloverfield: I am actually playing Red Alert 1 with the cncnet client for a few months now, there's quite a few people playing it but no tournaments or active ladder though.

Gamereplays.org and community history:

GameReplays: How long have you been a member of GameReplays.Org? Are you active at the moment or are you returning for the remasters?

Cloverfield: I have been registered on gamereplays for many years, ever since Tiberium Wars was released. I will be returning for the remasters to see if they'll be some action!

GameReplays: What would you say were your major roles in the community? Are you mainly a player or do you dabble outside of that? For example game casting?

Cloverfield: I am only a player as I do not have the spare time to do anything else.

GameReplays: Were you on staff, if so in what role? (If not then feel free to ignore this question)

Cloverfield: I joined gamereplays staff to help make the Tiberium Wars section more active, helping to organize tournaments when the game was being more inactive.

Command and Conquer Remasters:

GameReplays: Will you be playing both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert or will you be focusing on just one of them?

Cloverfield: I will be playing both but probably more Red Alert, it's the one I remember more of the units and stuff. I also think it will be played more.

GameReplays: Is there anything specifically in the remasters that you are looking forward to seeing?

Cloverfield: I am looking forward to the graphics, playing Red Alert 1 now with the old graphics its really painful.

GameReplays: Is there anything in the remasters that you are concerned about?

Cloverfield: I am concerned about a few things which I hope they have changed. Harvester AI is just bad, after a few minutes you can see them tracking ore really far away when you have close gold. Pathfinding is bad to, units tend to use stupid paths.

GameReplays: Can the community expect to see you battling for the top spots in the competitive scene or will you be more of a casual player?

Cloverfield: I will try and see what I can do, not much free time like before.


GameReplays: Will you be sticking to one versus one competitive games or can we expect to see you in the 2v2/3v3/4v4 scene as well? If playing with people do you have anyone in particular who you will be playing alongside?

Cloverfield: I've played a lot of 2vs2 in Tiberium Wars and 3vs3/4vs4 in Starcraft 2. They are fun, so why not! If Shocktapus is up to play then that's him! The others I played with are inactive for a long time.

GameReplays: Was there any gameplay mistakes you would make and had to overcome in your previous competitive play?

Cloverfield: Mainly no patience and aggressive play that would lose against camping.

GameReplays: Is there anything you feel you excelled at? Something that made you stand out?

Cloverfield: Spamming only tanks!

GameReplays: Any pre-serious game rituals that you have, any lucky objects you like to have with you?

Cloverfield: No rituals or objects!

GameReplays: Any advice to players hoping to become better on how to improve?

Cloverfield: Watch replays and try to understand.


GameReplays: Is there any players who you admire or looked up to?

Cloverfield: Dackel during ladder season one, the final games were amazing.

GameReplays: Is there any players who you particuarly enjoyed playing against? Be it the fun aspect, their ability to push you to your limits or another factor?

Cloverfield: For fun aspect: hidraulik and Shocktapus

GameReplays: Is there any maps from previous games you're hoping to see recreated in the remasters?

Cloverfield: I hope they bring in the remastered maps called "war tank" and "liquid gold" from Red Alert 1. They are very fun to play and are something different.

GameReplays: Do you have a least favourite moment? For example, any major fumbles you can think of from your competitive days that you really regret. If so, was there anything you feel you learned from it?

Cloverfield: Least favourite moment was when I lost in the first tournament I played on clanbase, was a very close game against the eventual final winner.

GameReplays: Do you have a favourite moment? (This can be your own or someone else's moment you enjoyed watching unfold)

Cloverfield: Favourite moment was the first period when Kane's Wrath came out and you could find a lot of fun 2vs2 games.

GameReplays: Do you have a favourite Command and Conquer? Are you hoping to see this remaster trend continue and EA to remaster it?

Cloverfield: For the story and dark atmosphere, I like Tiberian Sun. But Red Alert 2 was the one I played seriously a lot when it came out. Rather then a remaster, I would like EA to make new Command and Conquers.

GameReplays: Is there any names you're hoping to see pop up in the remastered competitive scene?

Cloverfield: Not really. Who comes, comes!

GameReplays: Is there anything that interested parties can follow you on to keep track of you? For example Twitch, Youtube etc.

Cloverfield: I have a YouTube channel however I don't use it a lot.

GameReplays: Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to seeing you in game!

With that, we have come to the end of this interview! If you are a notable face in our C&C community or one of our fellow C&C game experts and you would like to share your thoughts regarding the future of the C&C franchise and the Remasters, do feel free to reach out! Till we meet again.

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