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First Remaster Expert

By Danku - 6th December 2020 - 15:33 PM

JulzzZ awarded Expert level at Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

The following is a brief interview between Danku and JulzzZ (aka Peasy) about the award.

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General Expert Questions

Danku: Congratulations on being selected as an Expert for the C&C Remastered Collection on GameReplays! Can you tell us a little about your journey towards achieving the Expert qualification for the C&C Remastered Collection - Was this something you were planning to get from the start of the game or is it a surprise?

JulzzZ: Yes, this was something I was planning to get. It was a goal from the start to reach a level towards the top, which was only obtainable through consistency and tournament wins.

Danku: You've previously received expert badges for both RA3 and LoL, what does it mean to be able to add this additional expert qualification to your collection?

JulzzZ: Itís really cool to be able to add it. Iíve been on GR for ages now, so its a good reminder for myself to look back and see the levels i achieved. Usually I donít try leave a game till Ive reached the Ďtop' level, so maybe itís time to branch out and get a 4th one wink.gif

Danku: Now that you've gotten your third Expert qualification, whats next on your list?

JulzzZ: Nothing really! I told myself that this would most likely be my last competitve game. Never say never though

Multiplayer Experiences

Danku: I think we've both spent a lot of time on the remasters from more or less day one - are there any particular highlights that stand out - maybe some community events or games?

JulzzZ: Any games between me/khyira/crexis/sai/rambo usually stand out cause I like high level play. Honestly though.. id go for canyon replays where nukes were used. That or Rambo V Phedoria on one pass, man thatís gotta be my favourite for so many reasons.

Danku: EA dropped the last patch for the remasters back in September and it appears that the quickmatch ladder will not be getting a reset, what do you think the community could do to try keep the multiplayer passion for the game alive?

JulzzZ: People streaming, asking for customs, and inviting friends to play the game. Other than that, the enjoyment of improving or playing would definitely be an asset for keeping the game alive.

Danku: Do you have any advice for the current players on the ladder? It's clear that there are certain skill gaps at various stages in the ladder, is there any stand out common player mistakes you think might be worth highlighting to the community?

JulzzZ: Yes, think about why youíre doing things rather than just doing them. Most people copy high level players but have no idea why theyíre doing a certain build or strategy, if you don't understand why youíre probably not going to get too much out of it. Think about your conditions for winning, what gives you an advantage and how you can get yourself an advantage. Intense micro isnít required to win games, itís more about small advantages and strategic builds/locations.

Danku: How much longer do you see yourself playing on the current Quickmatch ladder?

JulzzZ: I hope to be on for a while yet, but Iíve gotten super busy. Iíll be trying to pop on from time to time, or hopefully for customs to those who are interested.

Next Steps

Danku: The community actually convinced you to stream on a couple of ocassions! How did you find that experience? Do you think it's something you'd like to do again - I know the community would love to see more of your Remastered gameplay?

JulzzZ: Itís a double edged sword for me. I canít fully concentrate when streaming, but i love interacting with people and showing my different playstyle. I would like to do more of it, but probably not too many streams left in me.

Danku: I think a lot of the larger C&C community are obsessed around the idea of an RA2 or TS remaster coming next from EA, which would you personally like to see and why?

JulzzZ: Honestly both would be great, but Iím more excited for TS. This was the first game I got rank 1 in back in the day, and I loved the online play. Ra2 I played loads and loads of campaign and skirmish though, so Iím super excited for both.

Danku: Any closing remarks you'd like to make?

JulzzZ: I really hope to see more players reach the level of the top players. To do it, you only need to play for fun and the improvement will come naturally. Lots of little mistakes cause big advantages, so find little ways to improve your play or if you are not sure, ask a top player. Play in more tournaments, not to win but to improve. Tournaments are key in improving as many people are trying their best to win, and you can learn a lot from the experience.

Danku: Congratulations again on being selected as an Expert for the C&C Remastered Collection on GameReplays!

JulzzZ: Thank you! See you around!

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