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GameReplays interviews Dominator

By FUzziBabes - 10th June 2020 - 22:17 PM

Hey everyone! This is Fuzzibabes with an addition to our series of interviews of notable individuals of our GameReplays community. With the recent release of the Tiberian Dawn and the Red Alert remasters the interview can now also include their first thoughts about the the latest instalments of the command and conquer franchise.

For today's interview, we have Zero Hour expert Dominator.

GameReplays: Hello Dominator, thank you for agreeing to do this! Could we start with you telling us a bit about who you are?

Dominator: Hey man, yeah sure I play under the name -DoMiNaToR- and I'm primarily known for being an expert within the Generals Zero Hour community but also through my Youtube channel where I post gameplay footage, casts, tutorials and streams etc. I'm 30, I'm from the UK and my real name is Rich.

GameReplays: Any particular goals in life you would like to share? What drives you outside of the gaming?

Dominator: Quite honestly, my life goal is to have enough money to not work, have a crazy mansion with everything I ever wanted and just to play C&C games, maybe on a private island in the Caribbean haha!

Command and Conquer History:

GameReplays: How long have you played Command and Conquer?

Dominator: On and off since I was probably around 10 years old. The remaster is bringing back some very old memories as I'm sure it is doing with a lot of other people. Main focus has been playing Zero Hour competitively for the best part of the last 10 years.

GameReplays: Which Command and Conquers have you played competitively in?

Dominator: Zero Hour only. Except I tried try my luck back in CnC3 and Kane's Wrath but I don't think I had the right mentality or mindset back then. I am much more competitive now.

GameReplays: Which Command and Conquer would you say was your main focus?

Dominator: Generals Zero Hour 100%.

GameReplays: Are you currently active in a Command and Conquer game? Are you playing competitively?

Dominator: Generals Zero Hour, and trying out the Remaster. Remaster is weird for me since no attack move and manually attacking with tanks.

Gamereplays.org and community history:

GameReplays: How long have you been a member of GameReplays.org? Are you active at the moment or are you returning for the remasters?

Dominator: 8-9 years, yeah very active on the forums, in the games and on youtube.

GameReplays: What would you say were your major roles in the community? Are you mainly a player or do you dabble outside of that? For example game casting?

Dominator: I am primarily a player but as I mentioned earlier I am also very active on my youtube. I regularly post Point of view gameplay, Game commentaries, tutorials, music video montages as well as also doing epic streams for big tournies within Zero Hour.


GameReplays: Will you be sticking to one versus one competitive games or can we expect to see you in the 2v2/3v3/4v4 scene as well? If playing with people do you have anyone in particular who you will be playing alongside?

Dominator: I would love to try some remaster team games. To be honest the main reason is because I want to speak to the pros and learn stuff from them. I believe that's the fastest way I can learn the game right now. I would like to get around top 30 or top 20 on the 1v1 ladder minimum to be honest, whether that's possible or not.... well lets see.

GameReplays: Was there any gameplay mistakes you would make and had to overcome in your previous competitive play?

Dominator: Yeah in the past I have sometimes done all-in strats and just played bad when I know I am against tough opposition. But now I am very experienced and have learnt best to try to play solid builds and strats to win the most games.

GameReplays: Is there anything you feel you excelled at? Something that made you stand out?

Dominator: I am known as BUNKERNATOR haha! Even though I don't think I bunker that much.

GameReplays: Do you have any rituals for before a serious game? Any lucky objects you like to have with you?

Dominator: Nah just always wash your hands with warm water before playing and GG+++

GameReplays: Any advice to players hoping to become better on how to improve?

Dominator: Do what I am doing now. Seek out the pros, find their replays, ask them what to do, ask for tips. Never be shy to ask something.

Caster questions:

GameReplays: How did you get into casting?

Dominator: I started posting generals zero hour POV videos on youtube and the channel grew pretty rapidly. Once I established speaking on videos and upgraded my microphone a few times, I started casting as viewers like to watch a match rather than just POV all the time.

GameReplays: How long have you been doing it?

Dominator: Around 5 years since I started on youtube I think.

GameReplays: Which games have you casted?

Dominator: Generals zero hour only.

GameReplays: How often do you like to cast? (Weekly? Monthly?) Do you set yourself targets or just cast when you're feeling it?

Dominator: No targets, usually weekly.

GameReplays: Was there any major complications you had to overcome for your casting?

Dominator: Decent mic. £700 later, I got a decent one lol!

GameReplays: Any advice for would be casters looking to break into it?

Dominator: Speak loud and clear, with knowledge and excitement. Sort all your volume levels (game, music, speech way in advance, not during stream).

Command and Conquer remasters:

GameReplays: Are you playing both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert or are you focusing on just one of them?

Dominator: Both, but now focusing on RA.

GameReplays: Is there anything specifically in the remasters that you're happy to see has made it in?

Dominator: The graphics are a huge improvement. Then the ELO system, 1v1 quickmatch and replay/observer modes are epic. Without quickmatch and ELO I believe it wouldn't be so popular.

GameReplays: Is there anything in the remasters that you are concerned about?

Dominator: Where the hell is attack move!??!?! LOL. Well serious note i just saw a video of someone speed hacking the game already. I guess they released the source code which enables things like this? is that right?

GameReplays: Can the community expect to see you battling for the top spots in the competitive scene or will you be more of a casual/semi casual player?

Dominator: I am trying to become at least remotely decent! But who knows.

GameReplays: Is there any aspects of other games, be it Command and Conquer or a different Real Time Strategy franchise, that you would like to see implemented into the remasters?

Dominator: Space bar to jump to last known point of interest?!?!

GameReplays: Have you played any of the campaigns? What are your initial thoughts on the single player?

Dominator: Single player is really cool. But EXTREMELY difficult! I played on hard and Tanya never got owned so fast so many times in her life! Haha.

GameReplays: What are your first impressions of the online gameplay?

Dominator: Quickmatch is super fast to find a player. Custom games seem a bit hit and miss, i get kicked a lot. A few match connection issues and a little lag, but otherwise games have been fun.

GameReplays: Is there anything about the online gameplay which you are really fond of?

Dominator: Yeah as I mentioned the ELO system and quickmatch is the best thing they added I reckon.

GameReplays: Is there anything which you feel could do with improvement?

Dominator: Few bugs such as lagginess and also the control groups, for example I double tab control group 1 and it should go to my tanks but actually goes to middle of blackness? hmm... bug.

GameReplays: Is there any games that you have played so far which stand out? Be it for the competitive nature, fun or another aspect.

Dominator: Had some insanely close 1v1s where I swore I should have lost but also an FFA today where it was basically a stalemate, I had sea control but his base was inwards so I couldn't kill it. And I had no ground units!

GameReplays: Any additional thoughts about the remasters that you have?

Dominator: Generals Zero Hour remaster, please EA. Come on.


GameReplays: Is there any players who you admire or looked up to?

Dominator: This Andrew Ford guy (rank 2 on RA ladder) seems a beast.

GameReplays: Is there any players who you particularly enjoyed playing against? Be it the fun aspect, their ability to push you to your limits or another factor?

Dominator: In the remaster, I don't know yet. But I saw dynamic is playing and also bikerush. These will be interesting to watch climb the ladder.

GameReplays: Is there any maps from previous games you're hoping to see recreated in the remasters?

Dominator: I don't know sorry.

GameReplays: Do you have a favourite moment? (This can be your own or someone else's moment you enjoyed watching unfold)

Dominator: Not yet in the remasters apart from the crazy close games i mentioned.

GameReplays: Do you have a favourite command and Conquer? Are you hoping to see this remaster trend continue and EA to remaster it?

Dominator: Generals Zero Hour!

GameReplays: Is there any names you're hoping to see pop up in the remastered competitive scene?

Dominator: I would be interested to see some pro Starcraft 2 players try it out. Can they take the hardcore Red Alert players like that Ford guy I mentioned out? hmm...

GameReplays: Any final remarks you would like to make, be in regards to GameReplays, the remasters or something else?

Dominator: I'm loving that C&C has a big focus right now. Hoping the novelty will not wear off and that it will stay a top played game on steam for a while at least. I think Steam was a good move for EA. Also it's interesting for me to see the hardcore Red Alert players, Command and Conquer 3 experts, Kane's Wrath experts, Generals experts, Starcraft 2 experts and new players come together to find out who is top right now. Think it's a really interesting dynamic happening.

GameReplays: Is there anything that interested parties can follow you on to keep track of you? For example Twitch, Youtube etc.

Dominator: Sure, head over and watch me try to learn Red Alert. But also see that Generals Zero Hour is still very much alive. Thanks for the interview, GG.

Youtube | Twitch | Facebook | Twitter

GameReplays: Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to seeing you in game!

With that, we have come to the end of this interview! If you are a notable face in our C&C community or one of our fellow C&C game experts and you would like to share your thoughts regarding the future of the C&C franchise and the Remasters, do feel free to reach out! Until next time commanders!

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