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CNC Tiberian Dawn Remastered

Day one in Review

By DJ_Chill - 6th June 2020 - 11:07 AM

The eagerly anticipated release of the remasters is has come and gone, and approximately 16 hours in what have we learnt? Well to start with, they’ve gone down a storm. Steam peaked at 42,587 players immediately after the 17:00 UTC release time. That puts it as the 21st most played game on steam in the last 24 hours, one of the highest RTS games today. Even overnight, as most eager fans slept the playerbase has not fallen below 16,700 players which is a major achievement. The Remastered collection reached and remained at the top of the top sellers board on Steam, further hammering home the games initial popularity.

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We started to see a lot of competitive multiplayer activity, with Ghosthitl and Stu leading the 1v1 online ladders for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 1 respectively at the time of this article’s publication. The classic tank spam cheese was definitely the go to strategy to start with, but this is continuously evolving as some of our greatest RTS players are trying out new ideas.
GameReplays.org’s very own king of the hill tournament kicked off, with FUzziBabes standing as the current, opening king and RRcabal about to challenge, how long will he reign over all other players? Submit your challenge to him, or our current king, over here.

But the release has not been without issues. Jim Vessella posted on Reddit about Game Stuttering and Online Stability issues some players were facing. These included “some games getting disconnected, occasional Quickmatch games failing upon load, and times when the online services are down completely”. You can checkout the full update on the command and conquer subreddit, and EA are asking for player support in reporting bugs and issues as they happen. For the issue of game stuttering, Jim does recommend some mitigation actions however:
  • If you have an SSD drive, we recommend installing the game to that drive
  • Try changing the resolution to a lower one, then back to the original resolution
  • Before playing, close all web browsers and other applications which could use Video RAM or actively ping the hard drive
  • While certainly annoying, consider starting a mission and then reloading it after a few seconds to allow the textures to cache first
Source: /r/commandandconquer post by Jim Vessella

An incredible outcome of the remasters so far is that we’ve seen so many experts and notable players from previous C&C games return to the scene. It’s been great to see Netput, Croutonman and more say hi and play once again; as well as numerous other nostalgic names in game too. These remasters really have looked to have brought the C&C community together once again. The Generals Gentlemen have even been on the scene with games, check out some of their multiplayer games below:

Overall, the remasters seems to have been an incredible successful release for Petroglyph and EA. The remaster is a winner and hopefully a great view of what’s to come in the franchise. It’s not without it’s bugs and issues, mainly from keeping the feel of the older games. But take it for what it is, an incredible look back at a piece of C&C history, and you’ll realise it’s a gem, but not for everyone.
What do you think and how have you found the remasters so far? Let us know by adding a reply below.

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