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CNC Tiberian Dawn Remastered

Fun long game on Quarry

#1Incia  Oct 16 2020, 01:40 AM -
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I really underestimated my opponent, thought I had won him previously relatively easy, this is why I was so slow on the basecreeping further on the map, when I saw him basecreeping all over the map that made me nervous so I tried to adapt.
This map really makes you multitask, have to hold 3 or 4 different chokes.
It's easy to watch a replay and instantly point out all the errors but during the game it's very hectic, I could had won easily on a few parts and my opponent could have won in a few parts, but I think my turrets scared him so he didn't push in and went defensive.
Oh, and I could have gone flametanks because I had the tech already, but buggy spam and micro was hella fun. Most fun I had in Quarry for sure.


I can never spell my opponents name but it's yizt2 something smile.gif
#2Danku  Oct 16 2020, 02:59 AM -
Replays: 165 Game:
Good ole yizst2!

Your dead right about it being easy to critique it after the fact, during the game its very difficult to be able to manage 3/4 chokepoints at once. Are you using map hotkeys? They can allow quick access to key points on the map - super useful on quarry for flipping between the chokes.

Keeping up constant macro/building placement on that map is crucial, and most players if they lose a structure completely fall apart with continuing to base build. Always be persistent with this. Looked like you did a solid crawl though along the side, just dont be afraid to go along the top as well.

Cool to see the use of minigunners/turrets for defense - very effective!
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