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CNC Tiberian Dawn Remastered

[R1] Burn15 vs DMraider #1

Green Acres
Green Acres
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#1Danku  Feb 7 2021, 13:55 PM -
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Source: Admirals Cup Tournament

Note: This game was not counted in the official bracket scoring.

Two breach of rules occurred:

1. As stated in the rules 'Winners Bracket: Best of 3 rounds - each player will pick one map that they wish to play with the decider being Green Acres.' this means you cannot select Green Acres as one of the first two maps in a Bo3 series. In this instance it was used as match 1.

2. As stated in the rules 'Green Acres - bottom left vs top right' are the selected spawns, in this instance top -v- bottom was used. This is in breach of the rules, and it is not at the players discretion to decide its ok - it's not. Please consult a Referee (in this instance Danku) as soon as a situation like this arises.
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