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CNC Tiberian Dawn Remastered

Crazy Quarry Action!

#1JulzzZ  Feb 25 2021, 06:28 AM -
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Vicious and I have a crazy close game on Quarry!

#2JonnyKnows  Feb 25 2021, 23:04 PM -
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A good match, or at least I thought. Until I saw Peasy played in this, I can't help but feel like my viewing experience is ruined by the mere thought of his lag. I know I wasn't directly involved in the match.

I just think we should consider region locking the replays to NA/EU only.

Just for a fair and professional viewing experience from these replays. It's not Peasy's fault, maybe EA will do something eventually. #Lag #GG #FairViewing
#3cwedvin  Apr 1 2021, 10:23 AM -

Wonderful game there julzzz.

Just straight up wonderfull.
#4Jon Joe  Jul 18 2022, 22:25 PM -
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