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CNC Zero Hour eSports Coverage


Clan Wars July 2021 - Sponsored

Tuesday, 29 Jun 2021
Greetings Generals!We are delighted to announce that next month we will be putting the clan back in clanwars!The following incredibly generous sponsors have donated a total prize pool of $250 to be awarded in the month of July:-Cyclops- - $115AnT1_Pr0 - $100HeRσ - $35The Prize Pool is...

World Series 2021: The Grand Final

Wednesday, 23 Jun 2021
World Series 2021: The Grand FinalGenerals, we have reached Defcon 1: The BIG final of the World Series 2021. Who will dethrone BoYcaH, the current World Champion Zero Hour, and take home the jackpot of $1,600?In one corner, we find ExCaL^. He was the first winner of the World Series all the way...

Zero Hour World Series 2021: The Final Four

Friday, 11 Jun 2021
Zero Hour World Series 2021: The Final FourHello Generals,We are reaching the end of the biggest Zero Hour tournament in history: The World Series 2021. With a prize pool of $3,500 this tournament has the highest prize pool ever. After the quarterfinals has ended, sixty players were defeated and...

China Tournament Recap

Sunday, 30 May 2021
Generals, another tournament has just finished! Hosted by our GameReplays Referee Jundiyy, it's time to let you in on the China Tournament.24 Generals joined this MAT (main army tournament) to see how well they could play using the weakest of the Generals in Zero Hour.The main army for this...

Y2K21 Semi World Series

Saturday, 29 May 2021
Hello Generals!During the time being of Covid, our game was filled up with numerous of fresh faces who would definitely like to try themselves in some big event. Moreover, many players who were not performing well are on fire now, according to the availability of spamming and making their talent...

Player of the First Quarter - 2021

Saturday, 17 Apr 2021
Hello Generals!With March coming to an end, we also have the end of the first quarter of 2021. This means the Player of the First Quarter - 2021 will be announced. It was a busy quarter. We had the low-semi tournament with Gozgoz who surprised us all and took the win. The ExtraVaganza tournament,...

World Series 2021 - FAQ

Thursday, 15 Apr 2021
Greetings General!With the World Series 2021 two weeks away, we thought a topic with some clear details would be beneficial for the community.You have Questions?, we have Answers!How to Qualify:In order to be eligible to check in at WS2021 you have to rank amongst the top 150 players of the...

Ladder Wars - March 2021 ZH

Thursday, 1 Apr 2021
Greetings Generals!You've been spamming games on the Zero Hour ladders during the month of March, those ladders have been reset and we've got some contenders for the March 2021 Ladder Wars finals. The Award System is now live, so successful participants in the Ladder Wars finals can expect an...

World Series 2021 - Qualify in April!

Thursday, 25 Mar 2021
Greetings Generals!Its that time of the year again! The World Series is ready to come back with a bang! Since last year, we have seen unprecedented activity both casual and competitive -wise for this great game, and it is our honor & pleasure to announce this year's Command & Conquer Generals...

GameReplays.org WBC 2021 Winners

Thursday, 18 Mar 2021
Hello Generals, the Winners for the World Builder Contest 2021 has been decided and its our pleasure to announce them!Winning Maps1v1 Maps1. Sovereignty by Jundiyy2. Oil Rampage by TKLyo3. Wavefall by NeReG2v2 Maps1. Whispering Woods by Epicman20992. Freedom Oil by AdrianeYvesWinners of the Prize...