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CNC Zero Hour eSports Coverage


China Tournament - Jundiyy

Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021
Greetings GeneralsJundiyy will be hosting a Main Army Tournament (MAT) starting this weekend. As you may ascertain from the highlight image, the main army throughout this tournament will be Vanilla China, the all 'round long renowned worst army in ZH's 1.04 patch.The format will be 1 vs 1 single...

GameReplays Discord ClanWars Guide

Monday, 8 Feb 2021
Hello Generals!If somebody is sponsoring a CW month, you might be interested in joining the GameReplays ZH ClanWars league, which is where competitive Zero Hour matches are played. ClanWars is not exclusively for competitive players, but you aren't going to have much success unless you're really...

LIVE NOW! - ExCaL vs BoYcaH - BO15 - $50/$100 prize

Sunday, 7 Feb 2021
Greetings Generals!The steam has started: LiveStream LinkWhat?BO15 1v1 Pro Challenge$50 prize sponsored by akabolony(25) and anti pro(25)Prize will double if it goes to 7-7 decider (+$50 by aka) making new total $100 if decider reachedHawky will add +£20 if there is a vet3 Jarmen on a bike that...

Ladder Wars - January 2021 ZH

Tuesday, 2 Feb 2021
Greetings Generals!You've been spamming games on the Zero Hour ladders during the month of January, those ladders have been reset and we've got some contenders for the January 2021 Ladder Wars finals. The Award System is now live, so successful participants in the Ladder Wars finals can expect...

GameReplays.org World Builder Contest 2021

Friday, 29 Jan 2021
Welcome Generals! GameReplays.org is proud to present to you: GameReplays.org World Builder Contest 2021What's happening?GameReplays.org is hosting its very first WorldBuilder Contest! If you are a mapper, its your chance to show the community your amazing skills and have a chance to win a prize!...

Boss 2 Tournament Recap

Sunday, 24 Jan 2021
Welcome Generals, our first ever Boss 2 Tournament, hosted by our GameReplays Referee Jundiyy has finished!24 players crept into a new world, the world of the Boss 2 General, a 14th General made by Jundiyy. The tournament was played like the previous Boss Tournament, one player picked Boss 2, and...


Saturday, 23 Jan 2021
I invite you all to have a taste of the past and join my first tourney! When Zero Hour first came out, the competitive scene was full of everyone spamming nuke mirrors in Clanwars and tourneys. This tournament is a tribute to those days. The rules are simple, every match is Nuke Mirror....

Boss Gen Tourney Recap

Wednesday, 20 Jan 2021
Welcome Generals, our first ever Boss Gen Tourney, hosted by our GameReplays Referee Jundiyy has finished!22 players plucked up the courage to play with the 13th —usually locked to challenge mode— General. This tournament was played like a regular tournament but the difference that players would...

GameReplays' ExtraVaganza $2000 Tournament!

Friday, 8 Jan 2021
Gamereplays is proud to present to you:GameReplays' ExtraVaganza!A massive tournament with the biggest prizepool Zero Hour has ever seen! Experts, pro's and every player who wants to try and take the crown, everybody is welcome and given a chance. The 16 best players get a reserved spot and the...

Low-Mid Semi Tournament

Monday, 4 Jan 2021
Good Evening GeneralsToday Game Replays Senior Referee HeRo is proud to announce the start of another tournament. This time its for Low-Med Semis. What is the difference between A high Semi and a Low Semi? High semis have a good knowledge of builds order, game knowledge, and can perform well vs...