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C&C:Online is the new, community-run way to experience C&C multiplayer like in the GameSpy days!

Ladders for Generals and Zero Hour are already available. Simply install the latest GenTool build and play on!

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CNC Zero Hour Features and Articles

Special Feature

New ranked maps added to C&C:Online ladder

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017
Attention Generals!Some of you might have noticed that there was a recent GenTool update to version 7.4. With this update we have added quite a few new maps to the C&C:Online ladder's ranking system. Until today we have kept that as a secret for testing purposes. Moreover, we tried to find a...
Special Feature

European Meeting in Hamburg, Germany ( 04.05.-06.05.)

Wednesday, 8 Feb 2017
Dear Generals,Our expert Scuba has suggested a European meeting similar to the Que Club tournament which took place in Dubai.Many well-known players (including DK/Crazy, MrX, Logica, Dominator etc...) have already confirmed their appearance and it will take place in Hamburg, Germany this time...
Special Feature

Zero Hour section is looking for supporters

Monday, 16 Jan 2017
Zero Hour section is looking for supporters - we need YOUR help! Generals, we are proud to announce that we had many great events and other affairs going on in the recent past. Our forums' activity skyrocketed to an extent we have not seen for a long time. Our numerous streamers are more famous...

Sharbel Interview By -Phoenix1991

Thursday, 12 Jan 2017
Phoenix: Hello Sharbel and thank you for your time. Tell us something about your age, your job and whatever might be interesting Sharbel: My name is Sharbel Damouni, I'm 25. I live in Jerusalem, Israel and I'm a clinical pharmacist.Phoenix: Living in Israel and loving war games seems a bit...

Interview with Pwnage_Machine from the Generals Gentlemen

Friday, 30 Dec 2016
Welcome to the Generals Gentlemen!Personally, I enjoy listening to those introductory words as they are always followed by minutes of pure excitement. Generals Gentlemen, this is the famous shoutcaster duo Callum alias Pwnage_Machine and Blake alias ArchonHawk. The two friends' first Zero Hour...

Logica joins the select company of Zero Hour Expert Players

Friday, 16 Dec 2016
Attention Generals!Today I proudly present you our 16th Zero Hour Expert Player. Congratulations, Logica!According to tradition we have prepared an interview with our new Expert to get to know him a bit better.Logica's Recent Achievments1v1 Ladder Champion May and November 2016A 6:5 victory over...
Special Feature

Free C&C Generals Zero Hour Deluxe PC Game Christmas Giveaway

Wednesday, 14 Dec 2016
Attention, commanders!Our Zero Hour expert player and Strategy Specialst -DoMiNaToR- has a special gift for you.Christmas is not far off and you can get your first Christmas present from -DoMiNaToR- this year, a C&C Generals Zero Hour Deluxe PC Game version.To enter the free Zero Hour PC game...
Special Feature


Saturday, 24 Sep 2016
Greetings Generals! You want to know how to play this game? You wanna improve your skills but have no clue how? What about a guide which will explain everything, made by one of the biggest Experts, Dominator?Start with the China Bootcamp and learn how to play versus USA. Learn how to win...
Special Feature

Images, Videos and Replays: Event hosted by Que Club in Dubai

Tuesday, 30 Aug 2016
From 26th to 28th of August, Que Club, a prominent gaming and billiard club in the United Arab Emirates, has hosted one of the biggest live tournaments in Zero Hour in Dubai. Many well-known players either have been invited or participated in that event on their own initiative.3vs3 Team EventThe...
Special Feature

Replay System Updated With New Maps

Friday, 24 Jun 2016
Greetings, generals! The Zero Hour Replay System has been updated to recognise many more maps, complete with icons and thumbnails. In total, 23 new maps and their images have been added.That should help players to identify which map was played in each replay and make searching for a particular...