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CNC Zero Hour Features and Articles


Our newest Expert: supersexiie!

Tuesday, 15 Jan 2019
Today we proudly announce that we got a new Zero Hour Expert! With his recent achievements and overall his long belonging to the Community and his creative playstyle we, the Zero Hour Staff Team and the Zero Hour Experts decided in a poll, that -SeX`iie earned himself the much sighed-for...

Interview with spalding (2018 edition)

Saturday, 15 Dec 2018
Hello Generals! We recently decided to get in contact with a bunch of good Zero hour Players from the past who stopped playing years ago. What are they doing nowadays? Are they still watching this game to see the latest news, strategies, drama and more? And the most important question of all -...
Special Feature

Happy Holidays from the Command and Conquer Staff!

Sunday, 24 Dec 2017
The Command and Conquer staff and everybody at gamereplays and C&C:Online wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year....

[DK]CrAzY is our new Zero Hour Expert!

Friday, 6 Oct 2017
It is finally time to honor a new Zero Hour Expert again. In this case we would like to add that this times candidate is long time overdue to get his badge. Today we are proud to announce that the one and only, the team beast, the team machine, the craziest player in Zero Hour, [DK]CrAzY (!) will...

WS2017 - What has happened so far?

Saturday, 19 Aug 2017
The Zero Hour World Series 2017 has started into the third round that are the quarter finals already. We have seen a lot of exciting games in the first two rounds as well as some surprising results. Let me guide you through the most fascinating moments once again and let us have a look at some...
Special Feature

Zero Hour Silver Replay #86 and #87

Saturday, 8 Jul 2017
May I introduce our Zero Hour Silver Replay #86 and #87 to you?[replay]322017[/replay][replay]321988[/replay]Our Replay Reviewer Leikeze has been hard-working and reviewed those great replays already.If you have not downloaded those Silver Replays yet I recommend to watch them right now. Keep in...

Silver and Gold Replay System

Thursday, 15 Jun 2017
Welcome General!Wash out your ears - we have good news to report! After our silver and gold replay system took a long time out we proudly announce its comeback today.What are Silver and Gold Replays?Silver Replays are replays that are entertaining and show a fun match. The match does not have to...

Zero Hour section has a new Replay Reviewer

Friday, 26 May 2017
Welcome General!It took a very long time but eventually we found a perfect man for the position as Replay Reviewer: Leikeze!If you would like your replay to be reviewed and rated leave a short comment in your replay's topic and Leikeze will be at your service. When the day's work is done you will...
Special Feature

New ranked maps added to C&C:Online ladder

Tuesday, 21 Feb 2017
Attention Generals!Some of you might have noticed that there was a recent GenTool update to version 7.4. With this update we have added quite a few new maps to the C&C:Online ladder's ranking system. Until today we have kept that as a secret for testing purposes. Moreover, we tried to find a...
Special Feature

European Meeting in Hamburg, Germany ( 04.05.-06.05.)

Wednesday, 8 Feb 2017
Dear Generals,Our expert Scuba has suggested a European meeting similar to the Que Club tournament which took place in Dubai.Many well-known players (including DK/Crazy, MrX, Logica, Dominator etc...) have already confirmed their appearance and it will take place in Hamburg, Germany this time...