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Upload Mode
GenTool's Upload Mode will collect screenshots, the replay and additional text information and upload them to the online data storage after a multiplayer match was completed. During upload, you can still start a new match. If you attempt to quit the game during an active upload, the upload session will abort. All uploaded files are available online and can be viewed by anyone for a limited time period. This feature is always enabled by default. You can toggle it on/off in GenTool menu.
  • Allows opponent to see images on how you saw your game
  • Saves all replays on your Computer
  • Instant uploads your replays without extra work
  • Generates quick replay information
  • Easy to use - requires no extra program launch or registration
  • Transparent results accessible for anyone
  • Additional internet traffic
  • Does not prevent cheating of others
  • Results are not live

You can toggle upload mode in GenTool's menu to 4 different settings:
  • OFF
    turns upload mode off
  • ON
    uploads all data but does not save anything on the users machine
    uploads all data and keeps replays in User Profile (*)
    uploads all data and keeps replays and screenshots in User Profile (*)
    uploads all data and keeps replays, screenshots and archives in User Profile (*)
(*) Type %USERPROFILE%\Documents\GenTool in Windows Explorer to access GenTool generated files.

Technical Details

Files for upload are stored on the disk temporarily. A folder will be created at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\GenTool\replays\ (Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\GenTool\replays\ ; type in Windows Explorer). Data for Generals (ccg) and Zero Hour (zh) are split in separate folders. Replays are stored as *.rep for censored replays and *.original.rep for original replays.

Use as Replay Saver
You can use GenTool as an automatic replay saver. However it will not store replays smaller than 5 kb or with less than two human players.

Generating an image in your game will pause your game for 5 to 10 milliseconds. This is a 100th of a second or 0.01 FPS. That means it will not influence your gaming experience at all.

If the upload session fails, the program will wait and retry the operation later.

All uploaded data can be browsed at: http://gentool.net/data

Download many files at once
You can use plugins like DownThemAll to batch download many files from GenTool's file server.

All upload mode file actions are logged in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\GenTool\gentool.log. This file is erased when you restart the game.