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Green Ping
GenTool users can see other GenTool users in CNC Online match rooms indicated by a green ping. Note: GenTool prevents the use of serveral cheats on the users machine.

1. If a game host runs GenTool, his game appears with a green ping in the match list.
IPB Image

2. Once you are in a match room all GenTool users will show up with a green ping.
Everyone else will either have yellow or red ping.
IPB Image

3. To view details about the match players you can open the Player Table inside GenTool menu and view the GenTool version.
IPB Image
Note: You can find GenTool users with Version 2.6 or higher only.

  • Finds other GenTool players and matches live
  • All clients who are shown as GenTool users cannot use maphack and several exploits
  • Easy to use - requires no extra program launch or registration
  • Does not find other GenTool users on GameRanger and Hamachi