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Ticker / Clock / Timer

Live Ticker

On game start up you will see the GenTool ticker once. If possible GameReplays.org team can leave a message there and inform you about future events.
Reload Ticker in Game Lobby
You can reload the ticker ingame by toggling the text size from GenTool menu.


Top right HUD shows your local time, same as Windows clock.
IPB Image
U = Upload mode, grey=enabled, orange=running
R = Random Balance, grey=enabled, green=running
MDS[30] = Maphack Detection System, 30=lag tolerance, grey=off, green=on
Light blue number = network latency (known as "lag")
Yellow number = framerate (FPS)
Dark Grey number = framerate limit
GenTool will attempt to change the Windows Clock on game launch once if the clock is not set correctly. The main benefit is to avoid users uploading replays with wrong dates through Upload Mode.

Game Timer

On the top right corner you will see the current time played. When you start a match or replay, the timer is set to zero. The difference between the match and replay timers is, that the match timer displays the real time spend on playing, while the replay timer shows the replay progress time. The replay timer will keep in sync with pause, fast forward and FPS status.
IPB Image
After you finished playing a match or replay, the green timer pops up and shows you the time of the last played match. It disappears when you start a new match.
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Toggle text size
You can toggle the text size or turn it off in GenTool's menu.