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CNC Zero Hour

GenTool Documentation

Render Mode
Use the GenTool menu to activate different presets of Render Modes for Replay mode.
HUD will draw count of Polygons, Vertices and Drawcalls per frame.
Drawcall represents number of calls of DrawIndexedPrimitive() in DirectX 8.

Object Types:
  • A - Use all graphics
  • B - Use Assets only
  • C - Use Structures, Units and Vegetation only
  • D - Use Infantry and Particles only
  • E - Use Terrain and Water only
Render Modes:
  • 1 - Render selected objects
  • 2 - Render selected objects with wireframe
  • 3 - Render selected objects colored by their polygon count
    0-white, 50-green, 200-yellow, 500-orange, 1000-red
  • 4 - Render selected objects colored by their type
Render modes 3 and 4 also draw the terrain to give the ground a color, but the render counts are deducted from the score.

Use with Camera Extra
Be aware that using Render Modes when Camera Extra was turned on will unreveil all objects on the entire map. This means the Counters will be very high even if not much is seen in the scene.

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