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Game Fixes
GenTool fixes the following crashes/bugs from Generals and Zero Hour:
  • 5.4 : Crash while having a player selected in replay view
  • 5.4 : Crash when quitting a replay while a player places a beacon
  • 6.1 : Crash when many units are in movement
  • 7.0 : Shoot with scud storm anytime (scud bug)
  • 7.0 : Pop units from tunnel scaffold (tunnel bug)
  • 7.0 : Produce units in scaffold
  • 7.1 : CNC Online match freeze

GenTool 7.1 implements a Fault Tolerant Heap that deals with some incompatible code bugs that were introduced in Windows Vista or Windows 7. With GenTool 7.1 or higher you can now play Generals and Zero Hour on Windows Vista, 7, 8 without using Windows Compat mode.