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CNC Zero Hour

GenTool Documentation

Online Lobby and Statistics
The official GameSpy servers have been shut down in 2014. The online service was taken over by revora.net and their cnc-online.net service. With GenTool installed and a Revora account at hand, you can join the online servers just like in the old days.

The statistics server was taken over by shatabrick.com. Upon logging into online and participating in one of Shatabrick's ladders, a top 10 view will be generated in the online lobbies.

IPB Image

All official maps across Generals and Generals Zero Hour are stats enabled. Additionally GenTool provides statistics support for a selection of custom maps for Zero Hour. You can open a game room with statistics and select maps from the Unofficial Maps tab.

All of the following custom maps are enabled for ladder statistics. GenTool's Updater automatically downloads them with the Relax Maps package. Additional ranked maps can be separately downloaded from this topic.

coastal conflict zh v2
cold territory zh v2
conflict zone zh v2
desert combat zh v2
fe nobug zh v1
fe nowall zh v1
flash fire balanced zh v1
forbidden takover zh v2
hard winter zh v2"
homeland rocks zh v3
industrial arena zh v1
lagoon zh v2
maguso zh v2
melting snow zh v2
mountain path zh v3
natural threats zh v2
scorched earth zh v3
snow blind zh v1
td classic nocars zh v1
td classic zh v1
td nobugs zh v1
td nobugscars zh v1
td openmiddle nocars zh v1
td openmiddle zh v1
the first strike zh v2
the path zh v2
tournament graveyard zh v2
toxic zh v3
transition zh v2
unity a zh v2
unity b zh v2
volcanoe zh v1
winter wolf balanced zh v1
armored fury zh v2
bozic destruction zh v3
christmas zh v3

When you join a match room that fulfills all requirements to participate at Shatabrick Ladder, then GenTool will draw a little match points preview.

The requirements for a ladder match are:
  • Match room was created with Statistics enabled
  • Match type corresponds to the ladder type (1v1, 2v2)
  • All match participants use GenTool 6.8 or later
  • Selected map is either official or one of the above mentioned maps (Zero Hour)
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Nickname Warning

Logging in GameSpy with a bad nickname is detected by GenTool. This includes a failing login known as "1". GenTool will inform you about possible issues via HUD text message so you can react immediately.

Recommended actions:
  • Warning
    Relogin to GameSpy with same or another account till the warning does not appear anymore
  • Caution
    Remove all incompatible characters from your nickname or create a new account without incompatible characters
Note: If you are logged in as "1" you will not be able to play any match. Avoid characters such as , . ' ~ + *