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1.04+ Beta Leage 1

By Jundiyy - 9th February 2020 - 14:02 PM

Welcome Generals, the first C&C Zero Hour 1.04+ League, Beta 1 League, hosted by our GameReplays Referee Jundiyy has just finished!

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17 Generals had the courage to take on the challenge of battling on an unknown but instinctively natural patch. The 1.04+ patch is very close to the original 1.04 in that it only applies minor tweaks to the game. The players were able to use their normal strategies, yet new strategies were also opened up to our players since certain units were now cheaper due to the patch.

The tournament was broken into 2 stages. It followed the World Cup style format so at first, the players went through the Group Stages. After which, 8 players went through to the Elimination Bracket.

There were a couple of very close and epic games, and our viewers watched on through the suspension and the cries of shock and awe. However after much perseverance and close calls BoYcaH0 and Fargo forced their way through to the final, leaving their opponents in shock as they were left to crumble away after their defeat.

In the end, there can only be one winner...but who came out on top? It had to be the one with the best micro, strategic thinking and the one who could smash their opponent into smithereens. At first, BoYcaH0 looked like he was going to take the set without any losses, as he was in the lead at 4-0. However, Fargo poured his full might into the game and brought the score level at 4-4, leaving viewers watching in awe.

Viewers were on edge through the close and intense games, even with matchups that would have seem unbalanced in vanilla 1.04. At this point, our winner had enough. He focused and concentrated harder than before and smashed Fargo out of the battlefield. BoYcaH0 took the last 2 games and won with an epic score of 6-4. Commiserations of course to Fargo for coming in at second place, and many thanks as well to our other participants for this initial 1.04+ League.


Here are the final brackets.

Group Stages
Groups 1,2 and 3

Group 4

Elimination Bracket

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