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1.06 One-Day Tournament for the 15th

By Leikeze - 13th June 2019 - 01:31 AM

Greetings Generals,

Today I'd like to draw your attention toward a new series of One-Day Tournaments that will be played with simple rules and formalities with one going on this weekend.

The First Tournament

Just your standard tournament rules, except you will be playing on 1.06 with a unique map pool of experimental maps.

The community balance patch for 1.04, known as 1.06, that patch touted by a few members of the community as the successor to 1.04's fame, will be used because it's cool and doesn't get enough attention, so I figured firing it up again after all this time would be a good idea (I hope I was right).

You can download the patch and read about the changes here and also watch Jundiyy's guide on how to easily install ZH 1.06 HERE.

Also, to assist in arranging games and discussing the tournament(s), asking for help, or just trying to find people to play 1.06 with, I'd like to introduce the ZH 1.06 Discord server.

The Maps

Most of the maps for this tournament were created with the intention of further improvements, going into the development stage only to be stifled at v1 due to lack of interest at the time they were released. So I have decided to bring them back to see the light of day, even if just for a few hours before they are forgotten again.

They are:
  • [RANK] Embattled Land v2 - A map that wasn't working, and therefore not being played for years, due to a World Builder issue. I had fixed that issue quite some time ago but the damage was done, and most forgot it existed.
  • Abandoned Desert ZH v1 - A nice little desert map that most people liked to play on for a bit, until they realized it wasn't a ladder map.
  • Early Spring ZH v1 - It only got like one tournament appearance and then it was gone away. I haven't seen it played in such a long time it is a shame, as it was kinda cool, but could still be improved.
  • Eight ZH v1 - Just like Early Spring.
  • Rebellion ZH v1 - Same as Abandoned Desert, except even more forgotten (almost couldn't find it again myself).
  • Butterbrot zh v2 - Specovik's map that looks like a cat. It's all green, close quarters, and has a lot of potential, except it was only played by its creator, SeX`iie, and a few others for about a month, or maybe it was a week.
  • Wrong Neighborhood v1 - Sgt_Muffin's (first?) 1 vs 1 map from a long time ago that I don't think anybody got to try, figured I'd include it for the novelty.
  • [TFT] Killing Fields ZH v1 - Killing Fields, only less than half as imbalanced.
Your feedback on any map would be most appreciated, even if it is just saying what you hate about it.

If you think it sounds interesting, and would like to try something different, why not give it a try?

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