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1vs1 Premiere League 2015

By cncHD - 10th May 2015 - 18:22 PM

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Welcome Generals, this is an invitation tournament. The best active 1v1 players are going to produce some good replays for us and possibly also streams can get organized. Everyone has to play against everyone 6 matches. And in the end we can see who is the second king of the Premiere League.

First king of the Premiere League 2014

IPB Image -|HaWkY^

The Format

  • Maps free
  • Armies free
  • Games have to be played on Revora. If connection doesnt work, hamachi can be used as Fallback choice
  • 6 Matches against everyone
  • Every win counts (1 point per win)
  • Each week we will try to arrange at least one duel

The Contenders

england -|HaWkY^

netherlands RaGe^

pakistan ^SeRpeNt^

denmark SiZe

uk -DoMiNaToR-

newzealand HerB

First Week matches

-|HaWkY^ vs HerB

RaGe^ vs -DoMiNaToR-

SiZe^ vs ^SeRpeNt^

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What will happen if a game ends in a disconnect, crash or mismatch?
If the game mismatches or someone disconnects, the game will have to be re-played unless there was a clear winner at the point of disconnection/crash/mismatching. In this case that player will be awarded the victory. If you are unable to agree on this, upload the replay and a tournament referee will decide.

How do I report my games?
All games need to be uploaded into the announcement topic that will be posted when the Premiere League 2015 begins. It is therefore very important that you save ALL your replays, wins AND losses.

Are there any prizes?

Prize Pool: $ 130 (Payed through PayPal only)
  • 1st place: $ 70
  • 2nd place: $ 40
  • 3rd place: $ 20
Sponsors: What should I do if I have any problems/questions?

Just send a PM to B4D-B0Y or cncHD.

Good luck & Have fun!
Date: Mai 10, 2015
Game: Zero Hour Patch 1.04
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