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Recap: The First Matchup Points Tournament

By Leikeze - 5th June 2019 - 23:31 PM

Good evening Generals, the recent Matchup Points Tournament has finished and here are the results.

Sixteen Commanders took part in this experimental tournament proposed by the generous sponsor -LithiumFluoride.

However, early on we saw the loss of the expert, Hawky, as he could not arrange a time with another veteran, noobfighter, and then PePsI had to drop out due to lack of time, but was replaced by scuba. So only fourteen would move on through the rounds, which were tougher for some than others.

We had some interesting rounds, some very close, such as the round between spl & ROLL, which ended in spl's favor after ROLL had prematurely celebrated in the stream chat.

We were also gifted with the return of the old expert, Rising, who may be quoted as saying,
QUOTE(Kelevra @ Apr 6 2019, 07:59 AM) *

I think you'll all be disappointed but we will see smile.gif

Really cool tournament format btw.

Well, he didn't win, but we weren't disappointed, as he made some good games and gave current top player, Fargo a challenge in the Quarter Finals before moving along to face scuba in the losers bracket. Other top players/experts were making their way along the brackets, but as fate should have it, they began to forfeit for lack of time. Most of those in the Losers Bracket didn't make out so well. -DoMiNaToR-, -SeX`iie, Rising, etc. didn't have enough time to go on after reaching the losers bracket, which was a shame considering the impact they have on any tournament.

Here are a few of the games:

Throughout all of the tournament there were two players who stood out, Fargo & BoYcaH, whose rivalry did not end after the upset in the Semis, in which BoYcaH stole the round with a score of 20:5. They would once against duke it out in the Grand Finale that was streamed by the great new commentator Dudush HERE.

It was an intense bunch of games, with BoYcaH playing the lamer dozer-hunt strategies in order to take full advantage of his 5 point lead from coming on top in the winners bracket. Fargo was very perturbed by this insolent play style and it showed throughout the streams as he is, more often than not, on top of these match ups. Despite the extreme effort of Fargo to maintain a winning streak in recent tournaments, he just couldn't take the gold this time, as BoYcaH was on point, achieving a score of 44 to Fargo's 16.

Here is the final bracket.

Thanks to all who participated, leave your thoughts in the topic, and I'll see you in the next one!

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