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New ranked maps added to C&C:Online ladder

By Ka$$aD - 21st February 2017 - 21:48 PM

Attention Generals!

Some of you might have noticed that there was a recent GenTool update to version 7.4. With this update we have added quite a few new maps to the C&C:Online ladder's ranking system. Until today we have kept that as a secret for testing purposes. Moreover, we tried to find a solution to add those new maps together with a fix to remove the custom map limit to the automated GenTool downloader. Unfortunately, that failed. Therefore you have to add those new maps and a map limit fix manually, if you wish.

Ranked ladder maps

Old maps that have been ranked so far and still will work in future


Map Source  -    Name    -   Game    -   Players

0 maps/Mountain Path ZH v3/Mountain Path ZH v3.map Mountain Path ZH v3 (4) 4
1 maps/alpine assault/alpine assault.map Alpine Assault (2) 2
2 maps/barrenbadlands/barrenbadlands.map Barren Badlands (2) 2
3 maps/bitter winter/bitter winter.map Bitter Winter (2) 2
4 maps/bombardment beach/bombardment beach.map Bombardment Beach (2) 2
5 maps/desert fury/desert fury.map Desert Fury (2) 2
6 maps/dust devil/dust devil.map Dust Devil (2) 2
7 maps/final crusade/final crusade.map Final Crusade (2) 2
8 maps/flash fire/flash fire.map Flash Fire (2) 2
9 maps/forgottenforestzh/forgottenforestzh.map Forgotten Forest ZH (2) 2
10 maps/heartland shield/heartland shield.map Heartland Shield (2) 2
11 maps/killing fields/killing fields.map Killing Fields (2) 2
12 maps/leipzig lowlands/leipzig lowlands.map Leipzig Lowlands (2) 2
13 maps/northamerica/northamerica.map North America (2) 2
14 maps/sand serpent/sand serpent.map Sand Serpent (2) 2
15 maps/seaside mutiny/seaside mutiny.map Seaside Mutiny (2) 2
16 maps/thefrontline/thefrontline.map The Front Line (2) 2
17 maps/tournament desert/tournament desert.map Tournament Desert (2) 2
18 maps/tournament plains/tournament plains.map Tournament Plains (2) 2
19 maps/wasteland warlords/wasteland warlords.map Wasteland Warlords (2) 2
20 maps/winding river/winding river.map Winding River (2) 2
21 maps/winter wolf/winter wolf.map Winter Wolf (2) 2
22 maps/Bozic Destruction ZH v3/Bozic Destruction ZH v3.map Bozic Destruction ZH v3 2
23 maps/coastal conflict zh v2/coastal conflict zh v2.map Coastal Conflict ZH v2 2
24 maps/Cold Territory ZH v2/Cold Territory ZH v2.map Cold Territory ZH v2 2
25 maps/Flash Fire Balanced ZH v1/Flash Fire Balanced ZH v1.map Flash Fire Balanced ZH v1 2
26 maps/Forbidden Takover ZH v2/Forbidden Takover ZH v2.map Forbidden Takover ZH v2 2
27 maps/Hard Winter ZH v2/Hard Winter ZH v2.map Hard Winter ZH v2 2
28 maps/Homeland Rocks ZH v3/Homeland Rocks ZH v3.map Homeland Rocks ZH v3 2
29 maps/Lagoon ZH v2/Lagoon ZH v2.map Lagoon ZH v2 2
30 maps/Melting Snow ZH v2/Melting Snow ZH v2.map Melting Snow ZH v2 2
31 maps/Natural Threats ZH v2/Natural Threats ZH v2.map Natural Threats ZH v2 2
32 maps/Scorched Earth ZH v3/Scorched Earth ZH v3.map Scorched Earth ZH v3 2
33 maps/Snow Blind ZH v1/Snow Blind ZH v1.map Snow Blind ZH v1 2
34 maps/TD Classic NoCars ZH v1/TD Classic NoCars ZH v1.map TD Classic NoCars ZH v1 2
35 maps/TD Classic ZH v1/TD Classic ZH v1.map TD Classic ZH v1 2
36 maps/TD NoBugs ZH v1/TD NoBugs ZH v1.map TD NoBugs ZH v1 2
37 maps/TD NoBugsCars ZH v1/TD NoBugsCars ZH v1.map TD NoBugsCars ZH v1 2
38 maps/TD OpenMiddle NoCars ZH v1/TD OpenMiddle NoCars ZH v1.map TD OpenMiddle NoCars ZH v1 2
39 maps/TD OpenMiddle ZH v1/TD OpenMiddle ZH v1.map TD OpenMiddle ZH v1 2
40 maps/The First Strike ZH v2/The First Strike ZH v2.map The First Strike ZH v2 2
41 maps/The Path ZH v2/The Path ZH v2.map The Path ZH v2 2
42 maps/Winter Wolf Balanced ZH v1/Winter Wolf Balanced ZH v1.map Winter Wolf Balanced ZH v1 2
43 maps/silent river/silent river.map Silent River (2) 2
44 maps/dark mountain/dark mountain.map Dark Mountain (4) 4
45 maps/bear town beatdown/bear town beatdown.map Beartown Beatdown (4) 4
46 maps/Conflict Zone ZH v2/Conflict Zone ZH v2.map Conflict Zone ZH (4) 4
47 maps/Desert Combat ZH v2/Desert Combat ZH v2.map Desert Combat ZH v2 (4) 4
48 maps/FE NoBug ZH v1/FE NoBug ZH v1.map FE NoBug ZH v1 (4) 4
49 maps/FE NoWall ZH v1/FE NoWall ZH v1.map FE NoWall ZH v1 (4) 4
50 maps/Maguso ZH v2/Maguso ZH v2.map Maguso ZH v2 (4) 4
52 maps/Toxic ZH v3/Toxic ZH v3.map Toxic ZH v3 (4) 4
53 maps/dark night/dark night.map Dark Night (4) 4
54 maps/dogsofwar/dogsofwar.mp Dogs of War (4) 4
55 maps/eastern everglades/eastern everglades.map Eastern Everglades (4)  4
56 maps/el scorcho/el scorcho.map El Scorcho (4) 4
57 maps/fallen empire/fallen empire.map Fallen Empire (4) 4
58 maps/flooded plains/flooded plains.map Flooded Plains (4) 4
59 maps/golden oasis/golden oasis.map Golden Oasis (4) 4
60 maps/homeland alliance/homeland alliance.map Homeland Alliance (4) 4
61 maps/lights out/lights out.map Lights Out (4) 4
62 maps/lone eagle/lone eagle.map Lone Eagle (4) 4
63 maps/manic aggression/manic aggression.map Manic Aggression (4) 4
64 maps/mountain fox/mountain fox.map Mountain Fox (4)  4
65 maps/overland offensive/overland offensive.map Overland Offensive (4) 4
66 maps/rocky rampage/rocky rampage.map Rocky Rampage (4) 4
67 maps/rogue agent/rogue agent.map Rogue Agent (4) 4
68 maps/tournament a/tournament a.map Tournament A (4) 4
69 maps/tournament b/tournament b.map Tournament B (4) 4
70 maps/tournament city/tournament city.map Tournament City (4) 4
71 maps/tournament continent/tournament continent.map Tournament Continent (4) 4
72 maps/tournament island/tournament island.map Tournament Island (4) 4
73 maps/tournament lake/tournament lake.map Tournament Lake (4) 4
74 maps/tournament tundra/tournament tundra.map Tournament Tundra (4) 4
75 maps/victory valley/victory valley.map Victory Valley (4) 4

New maps with GenTool version 7.4


[RANK] Arena of War ZH vX
[RANK] barren badlands balanced zh v1
[RANK] Bounty v3
[RANK] Bozic Destruction ZH v3
[RANK] Canyon of the Dead v1
[RANK] Coastal Conflict ZH v2
[RANK] Cold Territory ZH v2
[RANK] Desolated District ZH v1 DRAFT
[RANK] Embattled Land v2
[RANK] Final Crusade FIXEDv2
[RANK] Flash Fire Balanced ZH v1
[RANK] flash fire balanced zh vb
[RANK] Forbidden Takover ZH v2
[RANK] forgotten air battle v2
[RANK] forgotten air battle v4
[RANK] Hard Winter ZH v2
[RANK] Homeland Rocks ZH v3
[RANK] jungle wolf zh v1
[RANK] Lagoon ZH v2
[RANK] Melting Snow ZH v2
[RANK] Onza Map v1
[RANK] Sand Serpent FIXED
[RANK] Scorched Earth ZH v3
[RANK] Snow Blind ZH v1
[RANK] TD Classic NoCars ZH v1
[RANK] td classic zh v1
[RANK] TD NoBugs ZH v1
[RANK] TD NoBugsCars ZH v1
[RANK] TD OpenMiddle NoCars ZH v1
[RANK] TD OpenMiddle ZH v1
[RANK] TD Resurrection V2
[RANK] The First Strike ZH v2
[RANK] The Path ZH v2
[RANK] Winter Wolf Balanced ZH v1
[RANK] [NMC 2x2] Aftermath
[RANK] [NMC 2x2] Coastline Wold
[RANK] [NMC 2x2] Ghostly Rocks
[RANK] [NMC 2x2] Maguso
[RANK] [NMC 2x2] Middle Fight
[RANK] [NMC] Battle on the River
[RANK] [NMC] Blasted Lands
[RANK] [NMC] Gorge Drought
[RANK] [NMC] Plant Waste
[RANK] [NMC] Summer Arena
[RANK] [NMC] Tournament Arena
[RANK] [NMC] Tournament City

Having a look at those lists, you will eventually notice that most of the "new" maps are not new but only renamed. To make things more comfortable, all custom ranked maps start with a [RANK] tag in their names. Of course all official maps are still ranked maps as usual.

How to remove the map limit

Zero Hour will not allow you to add more than 100 custom maps to your maps folder. If there are more than that, only 100 will be displayed ingame. Therefore someone has created an easy fix that allows you to add up to 1200 custom maps to your game.

To add the map limit fix, download the "Increase_map_limit_100_.rar" file. Extract it to your main game folder, for me that is "E:\Command & Conquer Die ersten 10 Jahre\Command & Conquer™ Generals Zero Hour".

How to add new maps to my game

To add the new maps, download the "newmaps.zip" file. I have to unzip it to "C:\Users\Flo\Documents\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data\Maps" and add all the maps' folders there. Proceed accordingly.

Note that you have to add the maps to your "My Documents" folder and the map limit fix to your main game folder.

Additionally, I would recommend to keep the old maps in your folder as well as there are still hundreds of replays around with those maps involved.

Ask your questions, discuss that news and get the two files in the following topic.
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